Part 5 - Members' Code of Conduct

Below you will find the Member's Code of Conduct.

Members and Co-opted Members must register the DPIs of their husband or wife, civil partner or any person that they are living with as husband or wife or civil partner, as if they are their own interests, when they know about them.

As defined in regulations made by the Secretary of State, pecuniary interests are set out in the statutory instrument.

  1. You must register your DPIs with the Monitoring Officer within 28 days of being elected or appointed to office.
  2. You must register your DPIs within 28 days of the Authority’s Code of Conduct being adopted.
  3. You must notify the Monitoring Officer of any changes in your DPIs within 28 days of becoming aware of them.
  4. You must declare any un-registered DPIs at any meeting of the authority at which you are present, where a relevant matter is being considered.
  5. You must register any DPIs declared at a meeting, within 28 days of the disclosing it.

You should register any suspected ‘sensitive’ interests with the Monitoring Officer, who will decide if they are ‘sensitive’ and if they should go on the public Register of Interests. ‘Sensitive’ interests are those which you suspect could lead to yourself or a connected person being subject to violence or intimidation.

You should be aware that not disclosing DPIs without a reasonable excuse is a criminal offence and could lead to investigation by the Police and your referral to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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