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Part 5 - Remote Meetings Protocol and Procedure Rules

Below are the Remote Meetings Protocol and Procedure Rules.

3.1    The Chair will follow the rules set out in the Constitution when determining who may speak, as well as the order and priority of speakers and the content and length of speeches in the normal way.

3.2     The Chair or the Democratic Services Officer, at the beginning of the meeting, will explain the protocol for member and public participation and the rules of The Chair’s ruling during the debate will be final.

3.3     The Chair or the Democratic Services Officer will confirm at the beginning if any Member(s) are joining remotely and that they can see and/or hear all Member(s) participating remotely. The Democratic Services Officer will record the members in attendance at the meeting.

3.4     Members are asked to adhere to the following etiquette during remote attendance at a meeting:

          3.4.1 Committee members are asked to join the meeting no later than fifteen minutes before the start to allow themselves and the Democratic Services Officer the opportunity to test the equipment.
          3.4.2 Member(s) joining remotely will be required to be in a quiet private location.
          3.4.3 Any camera (video-feed) should wherever possible consider a neutral background or, where possible, a virtual background and members should be careful to not allow exempt or confidential papers to be seen in the video-feed.
          3.4.4 All Members to have their video turned on wherever possible and their microphones muted when not.
          3.4.5 Rather than raising one’s hand or rising to be recognised or to speak, Members should use the ‘request to speak’ facilities available on the Webex Platform.
          3.4.6 Only speak when invited to by the Chair.
          3.4.7 Only one person may speak at any one time.
          3.4.8 Ensure that the microphone and, where available, the video-feed are enabled when you wish to speak (unless speaking to a diagram, presentation slide or drawing).
          3.4.9 When referring to a specific report, page, or slide, mention the report, page, or slide so that all members have a clear understanding of what is being discussed at all

3.5    Where members of the public are exercising speaking rights at the meeting via remote attendance, the Chair or Democratic Services Officer will, as part of their introduction, explain the procedure for their participation which will reflect those relevant elements of the above. Members of the public must adhere to this procedure otherwise they may be excluded from the meeting.

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