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About the CRMP


The Fire Authority has a statutory responsibility, under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, to produce a CRMP. The plan must cover at least a three year period, be reviewed regularly and outline how GFRS will tackle and mitigate the risks our communities face.

The CRMP is informed by our Community Risk Profile (CRP), a document which assesses in detail the risks in our local areas, how likely they are to occur, how extensive the impact might be and also takes into account national risks.

As an over-arching plan the CRMP covers all parts of our service, referencing key documents such as our Service Strategies, Annual Service Plan and our Team Plans. This helps everyone in our organisation to understand risks and how we plan to reduce the impact and respond effectively.

The requirements of a CRMP are set out in the ‘Fire and Rescue National Framework for England 2018’. This states that each Fire Authority must ensure the following five priorities are met:

  1. To be accountable to the communities for the service they provide;
  2. To identify and assess the full range of foreseeable fire and rescue related risks their areas face;
  3. To make appropriate provision for fire prevention and protection activities and response to fire and rescue related incidents;
  4. To develop and maintain a workforce that is professional, resilient, skilled, flexible and delivers;
  5. To collaborate with emergency services and other local and national partners to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the service they provide.

You will find details of how we address all of the above points throughout this plan.

The National Framework also states what CRMP’s must contain and this includes an outline of how we allocate our resources to mitigate risks, and how we manage and enforce the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO) 2005 in relation to business fire safety.

The CRMP will also show you how we have consulted with you, our communities, on the development of this plan as well as how we sought the options of our staff, representative bodies and partner organisations.

This plan covers the period April 2022 to March 2025 and is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure our plans are always up to date and reflect changes in local risks, national policies or finances.

At the end of every year we are required to publish a Statement of Assurance which outlines how we have performed against our plan and the targets set out in it. The transparency this provides makes us fully accountable to the communities of Gloucestershire for the service we provide to them.

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