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Gloucestershire County Council Privacy Notice

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We process the personal data that we collect for a number of different purposes. This privacy statement gives a general overview of how we use personal data.

As we offer a diverse range of services, the notice is layered, with general information supported by service specific privacy notices. These provide more detailed information about how we handle your information for specific council services, including who we will share your information with and why.

Public tasks and legal obligations

We have a number of statutory responsibilities, powers and duties which require us to carry out tasks and deliver services, with a wide range of legislation that governs how the council works.

In many situations these powers allow us to collect and use personal data without the need for your consent. In some cases you may be asked to agree to work with us; once you have done so these powers allow us to collect and use your personal data.

When we use these powers to collect personal data, we will ensure your data is treated fairly, transparently and securely. We will:

  • limit the use of your personal data and not use it for unrelated purposes;
  • only share information in ways that been explained to you or when required by law;
  • ensure that you are told why we have collected your data;
  • help you understand how we will use and share your information, unless we are required to use or share it without telling you by law;
  • appropriately secure your personal data;
  • implement measures to secure your personal data where it is used by our service providers.

Legitimate Interests

Where use doesn’t fall within our public task or as part of a legal obligation we may still use your personal information as part of our legitimate interests. Where this is the case, a legitimate interests assessment will be carried out

Contractual Obligations

In some cases we collect information through a contractual agreement with you. For example, when someone if you are employed by us we will collect and use relevant personal data about you for the purposes of your employment.

Vital Interests

We will use or share your personal information if it is necessary to the life of you or another person. This is most likely to be in an emergency situation and once the emergency is over we will seek to advise you of the use at the earliest opportunity.


Where there is no other legal basis to collect, use or share your information we will ask you for your consent.

If you have contacted us about something where the above reasons don’t apply, your contact will be taken as consent for us to collect and use your personal data.

If you are contacting your county councillor, they will usually rely on your request to deal with your request as permission to contact the county, city, district or borough council and pass on your personal data, unless you state otherwise.

Special Category and Criminal Conviction Data

In order to collect and use special category or criminal conviction data we also have to meet other conditions. Please see our Special Category Data Policy and Criminal Convictions Data Policy on our Data Protection Policies page for more details.

Page updated: 22/02/2021 Page updated by: Information Management Service

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