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Acronym Meaning Cluster/area


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121A Police referral form 121A (recording reported incidents involving children including domestic violence) Children and Families

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A&E Accident and emergency Health
A/AS A level and Advanced Subsidiary Children and Families
A2YO Achieving 2 Year Olds Children and Families
AA Administering Authority Adults, Children and Families
AA Alcoholics Anonymous Health
ABCD Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Adults, Children and Families
ABHB Aneurin Bevan Health Board Adults
ABHI Association of British Healthcare Industries Adults
ABP Annual Business Plan General
ACCT Assessment, Care in Custody and Treatment General
ACE Adverse Childhood Experience Children and Families
ACET Adult Continuing Education and Training Children and Families
ACFA Access Control Framework Access Core
ACMD Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs Health
ACORN A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods Communities
ADASS Association of Directors of Adult Social Services Adults
ADCS Association of Directors of Children's Services Children and Families
ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Health
ADL Activities of Daily Living Adults'
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Core
ADT Admissions, discharges and transfers Health
ADVA Against Domestic Violence Abuse Health
AEN Additional Educational Need (includes SEN) Children and Families
AFA - G1 Automatic Fire Alarm Activation Grade 1 (High risk premises) Communities
AFA - G2 Automatic Fire Alarm Activation Grade 2 (Low risk premises) Communities
AFL Assessment For Learning Children and Families
AHP Allied Health Professional Health
AIS Accessible Information Standard Adults, Children and Families
AL Annual Leave General
ALB Arms Length Bodies General
ALB Adoption Leadership Board Children and families
Allegations Management Procedure followed when concern raised re child/vulnerable adult protection Adults, Children and Families
ALP Aerial Ladder Platform Communities
ALT Assisted Living Technology Adults
AMD Age related Macular Degeneration Health
AMHP Approved Mental Health Practitioner Health
AMPS Asset Management and Property Services General
ANSI American National Standards Institute General
AoMRC Academy of Medical Royal College Health
AONB Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Communities
APHO Association of Public Health Observatories Health
API Application Programming Interface Core
APM Association for Project Management Core
APP Assessing Pupil Progress Children and Families
APR Approval Process for Recruitment General
AQP Any Qualified Provider Children and Families
ARA Addiction Recovery Agency Health
ASC Adult social care Adults, Children and Families
ASCC Additional Supply Capability and Capacity General
ASC-CAR Adult Social Care Combined Activity Return Adults
ASC-FR Adult Social Care Finance Return (ASC-FR) Adults
ASCOF Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework Adults
ASCS Adult Social Care Survey Adults
ASG Accredited Schools Group Children and Families
ASMT Administrative Systems Management Team Core
ASP Adult Single Programme Adults
ASP Application Service Provider Core
AST Advanced Skills Teacher Children and Families
ASYE Assisted & Supported year of employment (newly qualified social workers probationary period ) Adults, Children and Families
ATC Achievement Through Collaboration General
ATP Authority to Proceed Core
ATS Applicant Tracking System (recruitment) General
AUP Acceptable Use Policy General
AVA Abuse of Vulnerable Adults Adults
AWP Any Willing Provider General
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B&NES Bath and North East Somerset General
B2B Business to Business (commercial transactions between businesses) Core
BA Breathing Apparatus Communities
BAME Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic General
BAU Business As Usual General
BAUS British Association of Urological Surgeons Health
BBL Building Better Lives General
BBV Blood Borne Virus Health
BC Business Continuity General
BCDR Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery General
BCF Better Care Fund Health
BCM Business Continuity Management General
BCS British Computer Society Communities
BECTA British Educational Communications & Technology Agency Children and Families
BEER Behaviour, Effect, Explanation, Results (for reviews) Core
BESD Behavioural Emotional & Social Difficulties Children and Families
BGSW Bath, Gloucester, Swindon, Wiltshire Local Area Team (LAT) General
BICA Background Information Contact Assessment Adults, Children and Families
BILD British Institute of Learning Disabilities Adults, Children and Families
BIRT Business Intellingence Report task General
BIS Department for Business, Innovation and Skills General
BIT Behavioural Insight Team General
BKM Bundle Key Milestone General
BMA British Medical Association Health
BMD Births, Marriages & Deaths General
BME Black and Minority Ethnic General
BMW Biodegradeable Municipal Waste Communities
BOSCARDET Background, Objectives, Scope, Constraints, Assumptions, Reporting, Dependencies, Estimates, Timescales Core
BP Business Partner General
BSC Business Service Centre (payroll, supplier payments & income) Core
BSF Building Schools for the Future Adults, Children and Families
BTEC Buisiness and Technology Education Council Adults, Children and Families
BURISA Board of the British Urban and Regional Information Systems Association Communities
BV Best Value General
BVPI Best Value Performance Indicator General
BVPP Best Value Performance Plan General
BYOD Bring Your Own Device Communities
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C Chimney Communities
C&I Communities and Infrastructure Communities
CAB Commercial Assurance Board General
CAB Change Advisory Board General
CAB/C&B Choose and Book General
CACD Community & Adult Care Directorate (historical term) Adults
CACI Consolidated Analysis Centres Incorporated General
CAF Common Assessment Framework Adults, Children and Families
CAIRB Communication And Interaction Resource Base Communities
CallCH Call Challenge Communities
CALS Clinical Advice And Liaison Service Health
CAMHS Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services Children and Families
CAO Child Arrangements Order Children and Families
CAP Common Assurance Process General
CAPEX Capital Expenditures Core
CAQDAS Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS Communities
CARAT Counselling, Assessment Referral Advice and Throughcare Health
CASSRs Councils with Adult Social Service Responsibilities Adults
CAT Cognative Ability Test Children and Families
CBS Community Based Service Adults, Children and Families
CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Health
CCAD Central Cardiac Audit Database Health
CCE Communications and Community Engagement General
CCG Clinical Commissioning Gloucestershire Adults, Children and Families
CCG Clinical Commissionning Group Adults, Children and Families
CCGs Clinical Commissioning Groups Adults, Children and Families
CCN Change Control Notice Core
CCP County Community Projects Health
CCS Civil Contingencies Secretariat General
CCSQ Criminal Court Statistics Quarterly Communities
CCU Critical Care Unit Health
CDA Clinical Document Architecture Health
CDAs Clinical Group Delegated Authorities Health
CDBs Commissioning & Development Boards Communities
CDRP Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships Communities
CDS Commissioning Data Set Communities
CDU Clinical Decision Unit Health
CEFM Child, Early and Forced Marriage Children and Families
CEO Chief Executive Officer Core
CEOP Child Exploitation and Online Protection Children and Families
CFH/CfH Connecting for Health: please note, this should only ever be NHS CFH please Health
CFOA Chief Fire Officers Association Communities
CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Health
CG Caldicott Guardian Health
CGL Change Grow Live Health
CHAI Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection Health
CHC Continuing Health Care Health
CHD Coronary Heart Disease Health
CHIMAT Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network Health
CHR Centre for Housing Research Communities
CHRIS Central Health Register Inquiry System Health
CiC Children (or Child) in Care Children and Families
CILIP Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Communities
CIN Children In Need (Statutory Return) Children and Families
CIO Community Interest Organisations Communities
CIPFA Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting Core
CIPFAstats Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting statistics Core
CIPOLD Confidential Inquiry into premature deaths of people with learning disabilities Adults
CIS Central Issue System Communities
CIT Clinical Information Technology Communities
CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease Health
CJIT Criminal Justice Integrated Teams Communities
CLA Children Looked After Children and Families
CLO Client Liaison Officer Adults, Children and Families
CMASG Clinical Messaging Architecture Steering Group Health
CME Child Missing Education Children and Families
CMHT Community Mental Health Team Health
CMS Content Management System Communities
CMT Controlled Medical Terminology Health
CNN CIPFA Nearest Neighbour Core
Co Cotswold General
CO Cabinet Office General
COA Census Output Area General
COF Commissioning Outcomes Framework Communities
COI Central Office of Information General
Commercial Services Procurement General
Commissioning Council GCC contract things out, other companies provide things for us. Communities
Comms Communications General
CoMT Corporate Management Team General
ContrOCC Contr Oxford Computer Systems Communities
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Health
CP Child Protection Children and Families
CPA Comprehensive Performance Assessment General
CPA Care Programme Approach Health
C-PAC Commissioning Personalisation for Adults and Children Adults, Children and Families
CPD Continuing Professional Development General
CPR Child Protection Register Children and Families
CPRD Clinical Practice Research Datalink Health
CQC Care Quality Commission Adults, Children and Families
CQRS Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) Core
CQUIN Commissioning for Quality and Innovation Core
CR Cellular Radio Communities
CR Compulsory Redundancy General
CRB Criminal Records Bureau General
CRDB Care Record Development Board Adults, Children and Families
CRG Clinical Reference Group Health
CRM Customer Relationship Management (system) Communities
CSA Care Support Alliance General
CSC Computer Sciences Corporation Communities
CSET County Special Education Team Children and Families
CSEW Crime Survey for England and Wales Communities
CSIPs Continuous Service Improvement Plans Core
CSO Customer Service Officer General
CSP Community Safety Partnership Communities
CSP Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Health
CSRI Client Service Receipt Inventory (CSRI) Adults, Children and Families
CSS Children's Support Services (Capita Module) Communities
CSSRs Councils with Social Services Responsibilities General
CSU Commissioning Support Unit Communities
CTD Corporate Training and Development Core
CTP Community Third Party Communities
CTPC Children's Trust Partnership Council Children and Families
CTSB Children's Trust Statutory Board Children and Families
CUI Common User Interface Communities
CVD CardioVascular Disease Health
CWDC Children's Workforce Development Council Children and Families
CWP Cold Weather Plan Health
CX Customer Experience General
CYP Children and Young People Children and Families
CYPD Children and Young People's Directorate Children and Families
CYPS Children & Young Peoples' Service Children and Families
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D&BS Disclosure and Barring Service Health
DA Delegated Authority General
DA Design Authority General
DAAT Drug and Alcohol Action Team Health
DAMS Drug and Alcohol Monitoring System Health
DASS Director of Adult Services Adults
DAT Drug Action Team Health
DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government Communities
DCS Directors of Children's Services Children and Families
DCSF Department for Children Schools and Families (now replaced by Department for Education) Children and Families
DCW Data Collection Worksheet Core
DDM Design Decision Matrix Core
DDN Dangerous Drug Network Communities
DE Driving Excellence Core
DECC Department of Energy & Climate Change Core
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Core
DEN Delay Event Notice General
DepMAC Deployment Milestone Achievement Certificate General
DES Directed Enhanced Service General
DET Data Entry Tool General
DevMAC Development Milestone Achievement Certificate Core
DfE Department for Education Children and Families
DH Department of Health Health
DH ERD Department of Health External Relations Directorate Health
DHID/NHS CFH Department of Health Informatics Directorate including NHS Connecting for Health Health
DIP Digital Information Policy Team Communities
DIP Drug Interventions Programme Health
DIR Drug Interventions Record Health
DKM Deployment Key Milestone Core
dm+d Dictionary of Medicines & Devices Health
DME Data Management Environment Communities
DMFT Decayed, Missing Filled Tooth Health
DMIC Data Management Integration Centre Core
DMS Defence Medical Services Health
DMT Departmental Management Team General
DNA Did Not Attend General
DNS Domain Name Service Communities
DOB Date of Birth General
DOD Date of Death Health
DoH Department of Health Health
DoLS Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Adults
DOM CARE Domiciliary Care Health
DPA Data Protection Act Core
DPIA Data Protection Impact Assessment Core
DPs Designated Person (used in Learning Management Service) Core
DR Disaster Recovery General
DRA Design and Release Authority General
DRR Drug Rehabilitation Requirement Health
DS Discharge Summary Health
DSCN Data Set Change Notices Core
DSG Direct Services Grant General
DSP Data Set Profile Core
DSU Democratic Services Unit Core
DT Design Technology Core
DTM Desk Top Manager Communities
DTO Departmental Training Officer Core
DTOC Delayed Transfers Of Care Adults, Children and Families
DTS Data Transfer Service (NHS staff only) Health
DV Domestic Violence Communities
DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis Health
DWP Department for Work and Pensions General
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E&D Equality and Diversity Health
E4E Energise for Excellence General
EAP Employee Assistance Programme Core
EASS Equality Advisory and Support Service General
EATA European Association for the Treatment of Addiction Health
EBacc English Baccalaureate Children and Families
EBIS Evidence-Based Implementation Support General
ECAT Every Child A Talker Children and Families
ECM Electronic Call Monitoring Adults
ECM Enterprise Content Management General
ECTMS Electronic Clinical Transfusion Management System Health
ED Emergency Department Health
EDI Electronic Data Interchange Communities
EDM Electronic Document Management Communities
EDPSYCHS Educational Psychologists Children and Families
eDSM Enhanced Data Sharing Model Communities
EDT External/Electronic Data Transfer Communities
EEC Environment, Economy & Culture General
EECT Ensuring Every Child Thrives Children and Families
EFRACOM Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee General
eGIF Electronic Government Interoperability Framework Communities
Egress Switch Secure email system General
EHCP Education, Health And Care Plan Children and Families
EHIC European Health Insurance Card Health
EHP Early Headship Provision Children and Families
EHR Electronic Health Record Health
EIP Examination in Public Communities
EITS Essential IT Skills Communities
ELSA English Longitudinal Study of Ageing Adults
EMIS Egton Medical Information Systems Health
ENDPB Exectuve non-Departmental Public Body General
EO Equal Opportunity General
EoL End of Life Health
EOTAS Education Other Than At School Children and Families
EPAS Educational Performance Analysis System Children and Families
EPIP Entity PACS Implementation Plan General
EPOS Electronic Purchasing Online System General
EPR Electronic Patient Record Health
EPRR Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Health
EPS Electronic Prescription Service Health
EQ-CL Equalities and Classifications (EQ-CL) Framework General
ERG External Reference Group General
ERIC Electronic Records of Integrated Care Adults, Children and Families
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning (integrated management of core business processes) Core
ERS Early Response Service Children and Families
ESI Electronically Stored Information Health
ESP Existing Systems Provider Communities
ESR Electronic Staff Record Health
ESS Employee Self Service Core
ESS Extended Service in Schools Children and Families
ESSC Emergency Special Service Call Communities
ETD Education, Training & Development Children and Families
EVG Employee Voice Group General
EWAs Enterprise-Wide Arrangements General
EWD Excess Winter Deaths Health
EWO Education Welfare Officer Children and Families
EWS Education Welfare Service Children and Families
EXTEL The Exchange Telegraph Co. Ltd. Communities
EY&F Early Years & Families Children and Families
EYFSP Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (results returned from schools) Children and Families
EYLPs Early Years Lead Practitioners Children and Families
EYSP Early Years Strategic Partnership Children and Families
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FACE Functional Analysis of Care Environment Adults, Children and Families
FAFA False Alarm Fire Alarm Communities
FAGI False Alarm Good Intent Communities
FAIR Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable or reproducible General
FAM False Alarm Malicious Intent Communities
FBC Full Business Case Core
FDA Food and Drug Administration Health
FDR1 Fire Damage Report 1 Communities
FDR1 - PO Fire Damage Report 1 Property Other Communities
FDR1 - PR Fire Damage Report 1 Property Residential Communities
FDR1 - VE Fire Damage Report 1 Vehicle Communities
FDR3 Fire Damage Report 3 Communities
FE Further Education Children and Families
FFT Functional Family Therapy Children and Families
FGC Family Group Conference Children and Families
FGM Female Genital Mutilation Health
FHIR Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Health
FIPS Financial Intervention Panel for Schools Children and Families
FITS Framework for ICT Technical Support Communities
FLA Forum for Learning & Achievement Children and Families
FNC Funded Nursing Care Health
FoD Forest of Dean General
FOI Freedom of Information (Act) General
FOT First of type General
FRA Fire and Rescue Authority Communities
FRI Front Line Readiness for Implementation General
FRS Fire and Rescue Service Communities
FSM Free School Meals Children and Families
FST Face Screening Tool Communities
FTE Full-time equivalent Children and Families
FWAF Flexibility within a Framework General
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G1 Grade 1 Communities
G2 Grade 2 Communities
GAD Generalised Anxiety Disorder Health
GAVCA Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary & Community Action Communities
GCC Gloucestershire Country Council or Gloucester City Council General
GCCG Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group Health
GCP Gloucestershire Children's Partnership Health
GCPA Gloucestershire Care Providers Association Health
GCS Gloucester Care Services General
GCS Gloucestershire Care Services (NHS) Health
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education Children and Families
GDAS Gloucestershire Drug and Alcohol Service Health
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation Core
GEO Government Equalities Office General
GES Gloucestershire Economic Strategy Core
GFR Glomerular Filtration Rate Health
GFRS Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service Communities
GHNHSFT Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Health
GIPA Green Impact Project Assistant (GIPA) General
GIS Geographic Information System Communities
GLA GL Assessment - Company that prepares and marks CATS Children and Families
GLIC Gloucestershire Language Immersion Centre General
GLPC Greater London Provincial Council General
GOLD Growing Older with Learning Difficulties group Adults
GOPA Gloucestershire Older Persons Association Adults
GOSS Gloucestershire/
Oxfordshire Shared Services Partnership
GP General Practitioner Health
GPC General Practitioners Committee Health
GPES GP Extraction Service Health
GPPCS GP Payments Calculation Service Health
GPPUG GP Pan User Group Health
GPS Government Procurement Service General
GPSoC GP Systems of Choice Health
GRCC Gloucestershire Rural Community Council Health
GS1 European Article Numbering (EAN) Association - later called GS1 Health
GSCB Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children's Board Health
GSPPF Gloucestershire Suicide Prevention Partnership Forum Health
GSS Government Statistics Service Core
GUI Graphical User Interface Communities
GUM Genitourinary Medicine Health
GVA Gross Value Added Core
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H&S Health and Safety Core
HALE Healthy Life Expectancy Health
HAM Handle Administrator Messages Communities
HCC Heath Care Commission Health
HCD Human Centred Design Communities
HCIS Healthcare Information System Health
HCOSC Health Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee Health
HCPC Health Care Professionals Council Health
HDFS Hadoop Distributed File System Communities
HDU High Dependency Unit Health
HE Higher Education Children and Families
HEAT Health Economic Assessment Tool Health
HEE Health Education England Health
HES Hospital Episodes Statistics Health
HHSRS Housing Health and Safety Rating System Health
HIA Hardware, Infrastructure and Associated Communities
HIC Health Informatics Community Health
HINOS Health Informatics National Occupational Standards Health
HIQS Health Informatics Quality Scheme Health
HIR Health Informatics Review Health
HIS Health Information Service/System Health
HIT Health Information Network Health
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus Health
HL7 Health Level 7 Health
HLA Housing Land Availability Communities
HLE Healthy Life Expectancy Health
HLG Heads Liaison Group Children and Families
HLTA High Level Teaching Assistant Children and Families
HMCTS Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Services Communities
HO Home Office General
HOS Head of Service General
HOSC Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee Health
HPA Health Protection Agency Health
HPSS Health and Personal Social Services Health
HPV Human Papilloma Virus Health
HQIP Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership Health
HR Human Resources Core
HRC Household Recycling Centre Communities
HRGs Healthcare Resource Groups Health
HRJ Hose Reel Jet Communities
HSCIC Health & Social Care Information Centre Adults, Children and Families
HSSI Higher Severity Service Incident Core
HSW Health, Safety and Welfare Core
HTG Harnessing Technology Grant Communities
HWB Health and Wellbeing Board Health
HWE Healthwatch England Health
HWG Healthwatch Gloucestershire Health
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I&A Information and Advice Health
IaaS Infrastructure-as-a-service Communities
IADL Instrumental activities of daily living Adults
IAO Information Asset Owner General
IAPT Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Health
IAR Information Asset Register Core
IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome Health
ICAS Independent Complaints Advocacy Service Adults, Children and Families
icbo Integrated Commissioning for Better Outcomes Core
ICD International Classification of Diseases Health
ICD Informatics Capability Development Communities
ICF International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Health
ICO Information Commissioner's Office Communities
ICP Integrated Care Pathway Adults, Children and Families
ICS/ICSM Integrated Care System/Integrated Care System Management Adults, Children and Families
ICT Integrated Community Teams Communities
ICT Information and Communications Technology Communities
IDACI Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index Children and Families
IDAOPI Income Deprivation Affecting Older People Index Adults
IDF Interim Data Feed Communities
IDMP Identification of Medicinal Products Health
IDTS Integrated Drug Treatment System in prisons Health
IDU Injecting Drug User Health
IEP Individual Education Plan Children and Families
IG Information Governance Core
IGSoC Information Governance Statement of Compliance Health
IGT IG Toolkit Core
IGTT Information Governance Training Tool Core
IHCAS Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Health
IHE Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Health
IHM Institute of Healthcare Management Health
IHRIM Institute of Health Record & Information Management Health
IHTSDO International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation Health
IIP Investors in People Core
IITT Institute of IT Training Communities
ILC-UK International Longevity Centre-UK Adults
ILF Independent Living Funds Children and Families
ILO International Labour Organisation General
IM&TDES Information Management & Technology Direct Enhanced Service Communities
IMCA Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service Health
IMD Index of Multiple Deprivation Adults, Children and Families
IMHA Independent Mental Health Advocacy Health
IMIA International Medical Informatics Association Health
IMS Information Management Service Core
IMSP Information Management and Strategic Planning Core
INLAWS Integrated Local Area Workforce Strategies Core
INNS Interim NHS Numbering System Health
IOM Integrated Offender Management Health
IPC Institute of Public Care Health
IPC Integrated Personal Commissionning Health
IPDS Individual Personal Development Scheme Core
IQAP Information Quality Assurance Programme Core
IRIS Intensive Recovery and Intervention Service (fostering) Children and Families
IRMP Integrated Risk Management Plan Core
IS Information System(s) Communities
ISA Independent Safeguarding Authority Adults, Children and Families
ISB Information Security Breach Core
ISB Information Standards Board Core
ISB HaSC Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care Health
ISCG Informatics Services Commissioning Group Core
ISIP Integrated Service Improvement Programme Core
ISMF Information Security Management Forum Core
ISR Individual school range - School Teacher Pay & Conditions Children and Families
IST Integrated Service Team General
ISTC Independent Sector Treatment Centres Health
ISTCM IT Service Continuity Management Communities
IT Information Technology Communities
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library Communities
ITK Interoperability Toolkit General
ITN Invitation To Negotiate General
ITRS IT Research Services Framework Communities
ITS Initial Tracing Service General
ITSCM IT Service Continuity Management Communities
ITT Invitation to Tender General
ITU Intensive Therapy Unit Health
IWP Internet Watch Foundation Communities
IYDS Integrated Youth Support & Development Service Children and Families
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JAM Just About Managing Adults, Children and Families
JCF Joint Consultative Forum (formal communication with Union) General
JCPE Joint Commissioning Partnership Executive Communities
JE Job Evaluation Core
JGPITC Joint GP IT Committee Health
JHSW Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy Health
JHWS Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy Health
JI Joining instructions General
JNC Joint Negotiating Committee General
Joint Appointments Appointments involving organisations outside GCC General
JRF Job Request Form General
JSG Joint Steering Group General
JSNA Joint Strategic Needs Assessment General
JTAI Joint Targeted Area Inspection Health
JUYI Joining Up Your Information Health
JVC Joint Venture Company General
JWG Joint Working Group Health
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K&I Knowledge and Intelligence Health
KPI Key Performance Indicator Children and Families
KS1 Key Stage 1 Children and Families
KS2 Key Stage 2 Children and Families
KS3 Key Stage 3 Children and Families
KS4 Key Stage 4 Children and Families
KS5 Key Stage 5 Children and Families
KSF Key Skills Framework Children and Families
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L&S Learning & Schools Children and Families
LA Local Authority General
LAB Local Area Bases Children and Families
LAC Looked after Child/Children Children and Families
LADO Local Authority Designated Officer General
LAF Local Admissions Forum Children and Families
LAIT Local Authority Interactive Tool Children and Families
LAN Local Area Network Communities
LARIA Local Area and Research Intelligence Association General
LARs Large Account Resellers Core
LAT Local Area Team Health
LCA Logical Connection Architecture Communities
LCFS Local Counter Fraud Specialist Communities
LCT Local Children's Trust Children and Families
LD Learning Difficulties Children and Families
LD Learning Disability Health
LDO Local Development Order Communities
LDP Learning & Development Partnership Children and Families
LDR Local Digital Roadmap Health
LEFM Local Economy Forecasting Model General
LeGSB Local eGovernment Standards Body General
LEO Local Engagement Officer General
LEP Local Enterprise Partnership General
LES Local Enhanced Service General
LETB Local Education and Training Board Health
LGA Local Government Association General
LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender General
LGE Local Government Employers General
LGPS Local Government Pension Scheme General
LHB Local Health Board Health
LHC Local Health Community Health
LHM Local Highways Manager Communities
LHRP Local Health Resilience Partnership Health
LIMS Laboratory Information Management Systems Communities
LINk Local Involvement NetworK Health
LIS Local Information Service Core
LKIS Local Knowledge and Intelligence Service (LKIS) Health
LLC Local Learning Community Children and Families
LLE Local Leaders in Education Children and Families
LLI Local Learning Inqiry Children and Families
LLL Lifelong Learning Children and Families
LMC Local Medical Committee Health
LMCS Lead Members for Children's Services Children and Families
LMS Learning Management System Core
LOA Local Organisation Administrator General
LOWCOV Low Coverage Children and Families
LP Learning Platform Children and Families
LPfIT London Programme for IT Communities
LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas General
LPSA Local Public Service Agreement General
LRF Local Resilience Forum Health
LSCB Local Safeguarding Children Board Children and Families
LSD Local Service Desk Communities
LSHTM London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Health
LSOA Lower Super Output Area General
LSP Local Strategic Partnership Health
LTC Long Term Condition Health
LTP Local Transport Plan Communities
LWAB Local Workforce Advisory Board General
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MACS Migration Analysis Cleansing Service Communities
MAIDeN Multi Agency Information Database for Neighbourhoods General
MAPPA Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements Adults, Children and Families
MASH Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub Adults, Children and Families
MAU Medical Admission Unit Health
MBTI The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Core
MCAGG Mental Capacity Act Governance Group Health
MCP Multispecialty Community Provider Health
MDTs Multi-Disciplinary Teams General
MECC Making Every Contact Count Health
MGN Managers General Note General
MHARS Mental Health Acute Response Unit Health
MHDNIN Mental Health Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Network Health
MHLDDS Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Dataset Health
MHMDS Mental Health Minimum Data Set Health
MHNA Mental Health Needs Analysis Health
MHRA Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Health
MHSDS Mental Health Services Data Set Health
MiR Making It Real Adults, Children and Families
MIU Minor Injury Unit Health
MLE Managed Learning Environment General
MOCS Making Our Communities Safer Communities
MOEE Managing Our Environment and Economy Core
MoJ Ministry of Justice General
MOMO Mind Of My Own app Children and families
MPIP Managing Performance Improvement Procedure Core
MPS Market Position Statement General
MPS Managed Print service Core
MRS Multi Resource Scheduling General
MSK Musculoskeletal Health
MSP Managing Successful Programmes Core
MSS Manager Self Service Core
MTC Meeting the Challenge (corportate cost saving programme) General
MTC2 Meeting the Challenge 2 (Together we can) General
MTFP Medium Term Financial Plan Core
MTFS Medium Term Financial Strategy Core
MTUs Mobile Training Units General
MWaaS MiddleWare-as-a-Service General
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N3 N3 Network Health
N3SP N3 Service Provider Communities
NA Not Available Children and Families
NA Narcotics Anonymous Health
NAA National Assessment Agency General
NAC National Addiction Centre Health
NACS National Administrative Codes Service, now known as ODS (=Organisation Data Service) Health
NAFLD Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Health
NAO National Audit Office General
NAP National Adaptation Programme Health
NASCIS National Adult Social Care Intelligence Service Adults
NATMS National Alcohol Monitoring Service Health
NBO National Back Office for the Personal Demographic Service Health
NBTC National Blood Transfusion Committee Health
NC No Crime Communities
NCAS National Clinical Assessment Service Health
NCASC National Children and Adult Services (Conference) Adults, Children and Families
NCER National Consortium for Examination Results (NCER) Children and Families
NCGC National Clinical Guideline Centre Health
NCLs National Clinical Leads Health
NCLSCS National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services Children and Families
NCMP National Child Measurement Programme Children and Families
NCRI National Cancer Research Institute Health
NCVIN PHE's National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network Health
NDEC National Drug Evidence Centre Health
NDRI National Duplicate Registration Initiative Health
NDTMS National Drug Treatment Monitoring System Health
NE Not Entered Children and Families
NEA National Energy Action Health
NEC Not Elsewhere Classified General
NEET Not in education, employment or training Children and Families
NEN National Education Network Children and Families
NeSS Neighbourhood Statistics General
NEXUS NEXUS Children and Families
NGDP National Graduate Development Programme Core
NHAIS National Health Applications & Infrastructure Services Health
NHS National Health Service Health
NHS CFH NHS Connecting for Health Health
NHSCR NHS Central Register Health
NHSD NHS Direct Health
NHSE NHS England Health
NHSG NHS Gloucestershire Health
NHSLA NHS Litigation Authority Health
NHSSC NHS Supply Chain Health
NICA National Integration Centre and Assurance General
NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Health
NICIP National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure Health
NIGB National Information Governance Board General
NIHCE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (formerly NICE) Health
NIHR National Institute for Health Research Health
NIMM NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model Health
NISP National Infrastructure Service Provider Communities
NLE National Leaders in Education Adults, Children and Families
NLMS National Learning Management System Health
NLOP NPfIT (National Programme for IT) Local Ownership Programme Health
NLP Natural Language Processing Health
NMAS National Messaging Assurance Service Health
NMDS-SC National Minimum Data Set for Social Care Adults, Children and Families
NME North, Midlands and East (Programme for IT) Communities
NMLC National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue Health
NN4B NHS Numbers for Babies Health
NNM Nearest Neighbourhood Model Adults, Children and Families
NOM New Operating Model General
NOMS National Offender Management Service Communities
NOR Number Of Roll - number of pupils in a school Communities
NP Not Published Children and families
NPfIT National Programme for Information Technology Communities
NPO LGA National Programme Office General
NPOG National Programme Office General
NPSA National Patient Safety Agency Health
NQB National Quality Board Health
NRwS New Relationship with Schools Children and Families
NSCI National Serious Case Inquiry Children and Families
NSF National Service Framework Health
NSG National Stakeholder Group Health
NS-SEC National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SEC) General
NSTS NHS Strategic Tracing Service Health
NSWWS National Severe Weather Warning Service General
NTDA NHS Trust Development Authority Health
NUG National User Group General
NVQ National vocational qualification Children and Families
NWPHO North West Public Health Observatory Health
NWW NHS Wide Web Health
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OBC Outline Business Case General
OBS Output Based Specification Communities
OCCO Office of the Chief Clinical Officer General
OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder Health
OCG Organised Crime Group Communities
OCSI Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion General
ODPM Office of the Deputy Prime Minister General
ODS Organisation Data Service Communities
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development General
OGD Other Government Department(s) General
OH Occupational Health Core
OJEU Official Journal of the European Union General
OLAP On-line Analytical Processor Communities
OLM Oracle Learning Management Communities
OLT Operational Leadership Team General
ONS Office for National Statistics General
OOH Out of hours General
OOO Out of office General
OPAC Online Public Access Catalogue Libraries
OPCS Office for Population Censuses and Surveys Classification of Surgical Operations and Procedures General
OPEX Operating Expenses Core
ORAM Organisational Readiness Assurance Model General
OSCHR Office for Strategic Co-ordination of Health Research General
Osfsted Office for Standard in Education Children and families
OSMC Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee General
OT Occupational Therapy Core
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PA Persistent Absence Children and families
PaaS Platform as a Service Communities
PAC Public Accounts Committee General
PACC Personalised Alternative Curriculum Centre Children and families
PACS Primary and Acute Care System Health
PACS Picture Archiving and Communications System Communities
PALS Patient Advice and Liaison Service Health
PAM Patient Activation Measure Health
PANSI Projecting Adult Needs and Service Information Adults
PAR Population Attributable Risk Health
PARR Patients At Risk of Re-Hospitalisation Health
PASA Purchasing and Supply Agency General
PBC Practice-Based Commissioning Communities
PBO Personal Demographics Service National Back Office General
PbR Payment by Results General
PCD Personal Confidential Data General
PCIS Primary Care Information System Health
PCO Primary Care Organisation Health
PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Health
PCT Primary Care Trust Health
PDA Pre-Determined Attendance Communities
PDEE Patient Data Enquiry/Extract Health
PDNA Physical Disability Needs Analysis Health
PDP Personal Development Plan Core
PDR Personal Development Review (appraisal) Core
PDS Personal Demographics Service Health
PDSA Plan Do Study Act Health
PDT Programme Delivery Team General
PDU Problem Drug User Health
PEP Personal Education Plan Children and families
PEPPOL Pan-European Public Procurement Online General
Performance Plus Corporate system monitoring key performance targets core
PF1 Private Fostering Children and families
PFCC Patient and Family Centred Care Health
PFI Private Finance Initiative General
PH Public Health Health
PHB Personal Health Budget Health
PHE Public Health England Health
PHI Professionalising Health Informatics Health
PHOF Public Health Outcomes Framework Health
PHORCaST Public Health Online Resource for Careers, Skills and Training Health
PI Performance Indicator Core
PIAG Patient Information Advisory Group Health
PID Programme/Project initiation document Core
PID Person Identifiable Data General
PID Project Initiation Document Core
PING Physical Inclusion Network Gloucestershire Children and families
PIP Public Information Programme Health
PIRU Policy Innovation Research Unit Health
PKI Public Key Infrastructure Communities
PLACE Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment Health
PLIMS Pathology Laboratory Information System Health
PMI Patient Master Index Health
PMIP Pathology Messaging Implementation Programme Health
PNC Police National Computer (PNC) Communities
POA Power of Attorney Adults
PoC Proof of Concept General
POET Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool Adults, Children and Families
POPPI Projecting Older People Population Information Adults
PPG Patient Participation Group Health
PPI Patient and Public Involvement Health
PPM Pupil Projection Model Children and families
PPMA Public Sector People Managers Association General
PR Parental Responsibility Children and families
PrEP Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PREP) Health
PRINCE PRojects In Controlled Environments (IT Project Management for government Core
PRINCE2 Update of PRINCE for wider use Core
PRISM LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans) staff community General
PRN Person Record Number Children and families
PRS Pupil Referral Service Children and families
PRSSU Personal Social Services Research Unit Adults, Children and Families
PRU Pupil Referral Unit Children and families
PSA Public Service Agreement General
PSED Public Sector Equality Duty General
PSHE Personal Social Health Education Children and families
PSIS Personal Spine Information Service Health
PSN Public Services Network General
PSS-EX1 Personal Social Services: Expenditure and Unit Costs return (PSS-EX1) Adults, Children and families
PSSEXE Personal and Social Services Expenditure Adults, Children and families
PSSRU Personal Social Services Research Unit Adults, Children and families
PTL Patient Tracking List Health
PWC Prevention, wellbeing and Communities General
PWS Public Weather Service Health
Q&A Questions and Answers General
QA Quality Account Health
QDA Qualitative Data Analysis General
QIPP Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention General
QMAS Quality Management and Analysis System General
QOF Quality Outcome Framework (Assessor Validation Reports) Health
QSG Quality Surveillance Group Health
QTS Qualified Teacher Status Children and families
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R&D Research & Development General
RA Registration Authority General
RACI Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed Adults, Children and families
RAG Red Amber Green General
RAISE Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through school Self-Evaluation Children and families
RAP Referrals, Assessments & Packages of Care (Statutory Return) Adults, Children and families
RBAC Role-Based Access Control Communities
RCGP Royal College of General Practitioners Health
RCP Royal College of Physicians Health
RDBMS Relational Database Management System Communities
RDS Records Disclosure Service Core
Reablement Short term intervention to support a service user regain their independence Adults
REABS Review of Executive, Administrative and Business Support General
RED Resilience and Emergencies Division (DCLG) Health
RFA Requirements for Accreditation Scheme General
RFC Request for change Communities
RFID Radio Frequency identification General
RNF Relative Need Formulae Adults, Children and families
RO Residence order Children and families
ROCR Review of Central Returns Steering Committee General
Role Profile Document combining job description and person specification General
ROPA Record of Processing Activities General
ROTL Released on Temporary Licence Health
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury Health
RTC Road Traffic Collision Communities
RTI Respiratory Tract Infection Health
RTT Referral to Treatment Health
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S113 Joint working agreement/protocol under the 1972 Local Government Act General
SA Suspected Arson Communities
SAB Safeguarding Adults Board Adults
SAC Safeguarding Adults Collection Adults
SACE Personal Social Services Survey of Adult Carers in England Adults
SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder Health
Safeguarding Previously called Child Protection/protecting vulnerable adults Adults, Children and families
Safer Recruitment Recruitment process for posts involving children, young people or vulnerable adults Adults, Children and families
SALT Short And Long-Term return (new activity report adult social care) Adults, Children and families
SAML Security Assertion Mark-up Language Communities
SAP Systems, Applications & Products in data processing General
SAP Single Assessment Process Adults, Children and families
SAR Subject Access Request General
SAR Safeguarding Adults Return Adults, Children and families
SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Health
SAU Surgical Admission Unit Health
SCAG NHS Security and Confidentiality Advisory Group Health
SCAN Specialist Clinical Addiction Network Health
SCB Schools Commissioning Board Children and families
SCCAG Southern Combined Clinical Advisory Group Health
SCG Strategic Co-ordination Group Health
SCIE Social Care Institute for Excellence Health
SCITT School Centred Initial Teacher's Training Children and families
SCOMUG SCOMIS User Group Children and families
SCR Summary Care Record Adults, Children and families
Scrutiny Part of Council's democratic governance process General
SCS Senior Civil Service General
SDO Senior Designated Officer General
SDP School Development Plan Children and families
SDQ Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Children and families
SDS Spine Directory Service Bureau Service General
SDS Self Directed Support Adults, Children and families
SEAL Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning Children and families
SEAP Support, Empower, Advocate, Promote Health
SEBD Social & Emotional Behaviour Development Adults, Children and families
SEEFA South East England Forum on Ageing Adults, Children and families
SEF Self Evaluation Forms Adults, Children and families
SEN Statement of Educational Needs Children and families
SEN Special educational needs Children and families
SEND Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Children and families
SEO Search Engone Optimisation (ensures web pages appear on Google etc) Communities
SEU Social Exclusion Unit Children and families
SFG Schools Finance Group Children and families
SFR Statistical First Release Children and families
SGO Special Guardianship Order Children and families
SHA Strategic Health Authority Health
SHE Safety, Health and Environment Core
SHIP Shire Hall Information Point General
SHLAA Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Communities
SHOT Serious Hazards of Transfusion Health
SIF Systems Interoperability Framework Communities
SIMS Schools Information Management System Children and families
SIO School Improvement Officer Children and families
SIP School Improvement Partner Children and families
SIRTs Service Issues Resolution Team Communities
SIs Statutory Instruments General
SISU Special Incident Support Unit Communities
SITREPs Situation Reports General
SLA Service Level Agreement General
SLSS School Leadership Support Service Children and families
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (of goals or objectives) Core
SMCs Supply Management Confederations Core
SMMGP Substance Misuse Management in General Practice Health
SMRAP Supplier Maintenance Release Assurance Procedure General
SMT Senior Management Team General
SNA Strategic Needs Analysis General
SNAT Strategic Needs Analysis Team General
SNOMED CT Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms Health
SNPP SubNational Population Projection(s) General
SOC Strategic Outline Case General
SOC Serious Organised Crime Communities
SODA Strategic Organisational Development Adviser General
SOF Schools Organisation Forum Children and families
SP Small Percentage Children and families
SP Supporting People Adults, Children and families
SPA Single Point of Access General
SPA Structured Processional Assessment General
SPC Statistical Process Control Health
SPCA Single Point of Clinical Access Health
SPF Sender Policy Framework Communities
SPfIT Southern Programme for IT Communities
SPN Safer Practice Notice Health
SPOT Spend and Outcome Tool Health
SRF Self Review Framework Adults, Children and families
SRO Senior Responsible Owner General
SROI Social Return on Investment Adults, Children and families
SRSHN South Region Sustainability and Health Network Health
SSD Systems and Service Delivery Communities
SSRG Social Services Research Group Adults, Children and families
SSRI Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor Health
St Stroud General
STEP Standards Enforcement in Procurement Adults, Children and families
STEPS Short-term Emergency Placements Scheme (fostering) Children and families
STI Sexually Transmitted Infection Health
STP Sustainability and Transformation Plan Health
STPCD School Teachers Pay & Conditions Document Children and families
SU Service User General
SUG Special User Group General
SUPP Suppressed Children and families
SUS Secondary Uses Service Health
SW Social Worker Adults, Children and families
SWAST South Western Ambulance Service Trust Health
SWB Subjective Wellbeing Health
SWCP South West Coaching Pool General
SWGfL South West Grid for Learning General
SWISH South West Information Sharing Hub General
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opprotunities, Threats Core
SWPHO South West Public Health Observatory Health
SYOA Single Year Of Age Children and families
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T&L Teaching and Learning Children and families
TA Teaching Agency Children and families
TA Teaching Assistant Children and families
TAC Team Around the Child Children and families
TAF Team Around the Family Children and families
TAG Technical Advisory Group General
TAMP Transport Asset Management Plan Communities
TAP Training Application Performance Communities
TATT Tired All The Time Health
TB Tuberculosis Health
TDB Tracking Database Communities
TERS Testing Environments and Related Services Health
Tew Tewkesbury General
Thin Client Desk top computer Communities
TIA Transient Ischaemic Attack Health
Timeframe System to monitor time spent by employees on specific tasks General
TISP Targeted Intervention in Schools Programme Children and families
TL Team Leader General
TLAP Think Local Act Personal Adults, Children and families
TLR Teaching & Learning Responsibility Children and families
TM Team Manager General
TMS Transaction Messaging Service Communities
TOP Treatment Outcomes Profile Health
ToR Terms of Reference Health
TRC Training Resource Centre Children and families
TRO Traffic Regulation Order Communities
TRUD Technology Reference Data Update Distribution Health
TSA Teaching Standards Agency Children and families
TSG Terminology Steering Group Health
TSS/TSR Temporary Staff Service/Register Core
TTA Tablets to Take Away Health
TUO Tell Us Once General
TUPE Transfer of undertaking protection of employment regulations Core
TWOC Taking Without Owner's Consent General
TWR Two-Week referral Adults, Children and families
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UASC Unaccompanied Asylum Seeker Child / Children Children and families
UBRN Unique Booking Reference Number General
UC Universal Credit Adults, Children and families
UCLH University College London Hospital Health
UICC International Union against Cancer Health
UKChip UK Council for Health Informatics Professions Health
UKCRC UK Clinical Research Collaboration Health
UKTC UK Terminology Centre Health
UoG University of Gloucestershire Children and families
UPS Upper Pay Scale Core
URL Website Address (Uniform Resource Locator) Communities
URN Unique Reference Number Children and families
URP User Role Profile Communities
UTC University Technical College Children and families
UTMG Unattached Teachers Management Group Children and families
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VA Value added Children and families
VAWG Violence against women and girls Communities
VC Video Conferencing Communities
VCS Voluntary and Community Sector Communities
VDI Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure Communities
VERTO Corporate system for managing projects / programmes Core
VPN Virtual Private Network General
VIP Voluntary, Independent and private (sector) General
VLE Virtual Learning Environment Communities
VoIP Voice over internet protocol technology Communities
VR Voluntary Redundancy Communities
VR/VER Voluntary redundancy/Voluntary Early Retirement Core
VRQ Vocationally related qualification Children and families
VSM Very Senior Manager General
VSNAG Voluntary Sector National Advisory Group Communities
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WAH Working at home General
WAN Wide Area Network Communities
WCPP World Class Primary Programme Children and families
WDR Learning Management System providers Core
WECR We Care and Repair General
WEMWBS The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS) General
WFH Work From Home General
WHHP Warm Homes Healthy People Health
WPLS Work and Pensions Longitudinal Study General
WRES Workforce Race Equality Standard Health
WTE Whole Time Equivalent General
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XML Extensible Markup Language Communities
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YEN Young Employees Network General
YJB The Youth Justice Board for England and Wales Communities
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ZBR Zero Based Review Adults, Children and families

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