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Equalities decision making

Find out how we consider the equality duty to inform our work and view published assessments.

Our Due Regard Assessment Process ensures that we consider the three aims of the public sector equality duty when we plan and deliver our work and when making decisions. Our process ensures that decision makers consider the duty as part of their day to day working practices and replaces our equality impact assessment process.

The Due Regard Template is used by staff to make a record of the Equality Analysis undertaken and how they have used findings to adapt their work. We have developed detailed guidance for our Commissioning staff to support them to consider the equality considerations at each stage of the commissioning process including procurement.

You can view Equality information and analysis which feed into this process. We also use the results of public consultations and you can view the list of current

Due Regard Statements (DRS) are shown against Cabinet decisions and individual Cabinet Member decisions -

Cabinet meetings

Individual Cabinet Member decisions

Forthcoming executive decisions

Archive for 2009 - 2014

Equality due regard statements: 2014

Equality due regard statements: 2013

Equality impact assessments: 2012

Equality impact assessments: 2011

Equality impact assessments/Due regard statements: 2010

Equality impact assessments: before 2010

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