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How can I request information?

You can request access to information held by Gloucestershire County Council. (You may not be able to access all the information as some may be withheld by law).

Before you make a request for information please check our transparency pages, frequently requested information and disclosure log as your question may have been answered previously.

It is also important to remember that within Gloucestershire there are six district and borough councils as well as the county council. Each are responsible for different functions within Gloucestershire, as follows: 

  • Education
  • Highways
  • Household waste recycling centres
  • Libraries
  • Waste management, including household recycling centres
  • Public rights of way
  • Public transport
  • Registration (births, deaths, etc.)
  • Social care
  • Trading standards
  • Fire service
  • Transport planning
  • Benefits
  • Council tax collection
  • Electoral register and elections
  • Environmental health (including stray animals)
  • Leisure facilities
  • On street closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras
  • Planning applications
  • Social housing
  • Waste collection
  • Cemeteries and crematoria

Use our Online form

The link below provides instructions on how to upload files when submitting a request for information.

Opens new windowThe link below provides instructions on how to upload files when submitting a request for information.

Upload file for customers

When filling in the form:

  • You must provide the Council with contact details for a response, and clear details of the information you require - if your request is too broad or unclear we may ask you to be more specific, which will cause a delay in the processing of your request.
  • You can tell us how you would prefer to get the information, i.e. by email or as a paper copy.
  • Alternatively, you can write to us: Gloucestershire County Council, First Floor, Block 4a, Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2TG, United Kingdom

All public authorities that are subject to Freedom of Information are also subject to the Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs). EIRs also apply to a wider range of organisations and bodies that have responsibility for the environment. EIRs therefore include private companies and partnerships with public authorities (water, energy, waste and transport).

Environmental information covers information on the state of the environment, such as:

  • air, water, soil, land, flora and fauna, landscape and natural sites, genetically modified organisms and biological diversity
  • information on energy, noise, radiation, waste, emissions, discharges and other releases into the environment
  • policies, legislation, plans, and agreements
  • the state of human health and safety, the food chain, cultural sites and built structures in as much as they are or may be affected by environmental factors
  • cost benefit and other economic analysis

You can submit a request under the Environmental Information Regulations in the same way you would for a Freedom of Information request (see above). However, you can also make verbal requests under EIR.

Once you have submitted a request, we must respond as soon as possible. We have 20 working days to complete your request although we can extend this to 40 working days for complex cases.

There are some important differences between requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations. For further information on this please see the EIR pages on the Information Commissioner's website or Defra.

The Act does not limit the number of requests you can make, providing each request is different. We can combine related requests received within a 60 working day period when deciding if the 18 hour appropriate limit has been exceeded. However, we do have the right to refuse vexatious or repeated requests, for example, repeated requests from the same person for the same information or requests that are intended to disrupt our work.

For further guidance on making requests for information see the advice on the Information Commissioners websiteOpens new window.

Your request to Gloucestershire County Council will be managed through a standard procedure:

  • We will acknowledge your request in writing (email or letter)
  • If your request is too broad or unclear we may ask you to be more specific, which will cause a delay in the processing of your request
  • You will be informed of the date by which you can expect to receive a response, which will be as soon as possible and within 20 working days
  • If in the unlikely event there looks like there will be a delay we will keep you informed of progress
  • If no information is held you will be informed of this as soon as possible
  • If we do not hold the information requested, we may be able to transfer your request to another public authority that does
  • If information is held and is being provided to you we will provide it in the format you have requested wherever possible. If it is not possible to provide the information in the format you have requested we will explain why
  • Some information may not be supplied to you; if information is held but cannot be released to you we will explain why it would cost us more than £450 or 18 hours  to locate and extract the information you have asked for
  • You have the right to appeal against a decision to withhold any information or complain about the way your request was handled: Information Compliance Complaints Procedure (2012).
  • How to frame an effective internal review guidance

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