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Consultation on Code of Conduct


 Dear Councillor

Consultation on Draft Code of Conduct for Members

Draft Gloucestershire Code of Conduct

Consultation Response Form

I am seeking your views on a draft revised Code of Conduct for Members of Gloucestershire County Council.

Every council is required to have a Code of Conduct that sets out the standards that councillors are expected to uphold. Ours was introduced in 2011 and, having remained unchanged since then, is due to be reviewed and updated.

This review has provided an opportunity to:

  • Consider the model Code of Conduct that has been developed by the Local Government Association last year;
  • Work with District Council colleagues and Gloucestershire Association of Parish and Town Councils to try to develop a common Gloucestershire Code of Conduct that can be used across all tiers of local government.

The resulting draft Code of Conduct is attached for your consideration, comments and questions. Although it does not use the exact wording of the LGA Code of Conduct, it covers the same ground and reflects the same expectations.  That will mean the Council will be able to use any training materials the LGA develops in support of the model code.

Having developed it with the Monitoring Officers of the 6 District Councils, our hope is that it will go on to be adopted by all of our councils, as well as a significant proportion of Gloucestershire’s town and parish councils.

As the committee with responsibility for ethical conduct, our Audit & Governance Committee has approved this draft as the basis for consultation with councillors.


How can you respond?

Please send your comments by email to by Friday 9th September.  I am happy to receive comments from councillors individually, or from political groups.  I am particularly interested in the following:

  • Do you support the ambition for a common Gloucestershire Code of Conduct across all tiers of local government?
  • How easy is the code of conduct to understand? Are there any sections that need simplifying, expanding or rewording to make them clearer?
  • Is anything missing that you think should be included in the Code of Conduct?
  • Is anything included that you think should be removed (recognising that some sections reflect legal requirements that must be included)?


What will happen next?

Your comments and suggestions will be used to shape a final version of the Code, in discussion with District Council colleagues.

The process for approving the final version will be as follows:

  • 30 September: Audit & Governance Committee – to seek the committee’s support for the final version
  • 10 October: Constitution Committee: To seek the committee’s approval to recommend the final draft to County Council
  • 9 November: County Council: To adopt the Code of Conduct and incorporate it into the Council’s constitution


Best regards

Rob Ayliffe
Monitoring Officer

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