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This page is to provide guidance and advice on the Councillor iPads. If you have any further queries please contact Democratic Services.

NEW: Note on Applications on iPad iTunes app installation pop up


Please see here a document providing advice on a pop up you might be seeing on your iPads.



Applications on iPad


On Member’s iPads there are a number of applications available to download through the ‘Work apps’ option on the device.


This list is updated by the ICT Team.


If any member would like to add an application to the list please contact Democratic Services and provide details of the ‘app’


Applications will be approved after consideration by the Head of Democratic Services on a number of areas:


  • Is there a cost to the application (i.e an initial payment or ongoing costs when used by an organisation)
  • Is it currently available in the Apple ‘App Store’
  • Does it comply with the Code of Conduct for Members
  • Is it compatible with the Blackberry Mobile Device Management Software


Welcome to the new ICT Critical User Service

We are pleased to announce a new enhanced ICT support service for a limited number of ‘Critical Users’ at the council on a trial basis from 1st August 2018.  The aim of this new service is to help Critical Users become more self-sufficient, to support and maximise the councils’ investment in new technologies and also provide a ‘rapid response’ capability where necessary.

In Summary:

  • The Critical User Service is an enhancement to the current ICT Service – all existing methods of communicating with ICT remain in place (email: or Tel: 01452 42(5999)) to provide ICT support Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm supplemented by new capabilities – this includes the introduction of new digital methods of obtaining ICT support outside of normal working hours such as the new ‘chat bot’ & Live Chat capability and a self-service password reset tool.
  • All support calls raised with the ICT Service Desk by (or on behalf of) defined Critical Users will be prioritised and logged recognising your status - an enhanced ‘rapid response’ capability will be provided by all available ICT resources including access to two dedicated on-site resources (Critical User Engineers) based in Shire Hall.
  • The new Critical User Engineers are available to provide a rapid response where necessary and are contactable Monday to Friday within council core working hours via the new dedicated communication methods shown below:

01452 425252 or

  • Support calls raised via these routes will automatically be directed to the first available Critical User Engineer (subject to availability) - both engineers will be able to pick up calls and emails promptly even when away from their desks – if neither engineer is available you call will still be picked up and logged by the ICT Service desk as normal.  The new Critical User Engineers are:

o       David Letman:

o       Dave Yallop:

As this is a new service offering we would appreciate your feedback to help with our approach to continual service improvement.  The benefits of this new service to Critical Users will be to help maximise their use of technology at the council, helping you become more self-sufficient and able to explore new ways to optimise your productivity.


Andy Gilbert

Head of ICT



Corporate Passwords (and Blackberry Work)

Some members may have found that on ‘Blackberry Work’ they have been returned to the set up screen where it is asking for their corporate password.

Each Member has a Corporate Password which allows access to emails and folders on the computers within Shire Hall. When you were set up with Blackberry Work on your iPad this password was used to set you up.

This password expires after 3 months and then needs to be changed. When it expires, Blackberry Work will return you to a setup screen asking for the password.

If you log onto a Shire Hall computer it will prompt you when this password needs to be changed. If you then change the password, you will be able to enter this password on the Blackberry Work set up screen to get you up and running again.

If you are unable to come into Shire Hall,  you can call the ICT Service Desk on 01452 425999. They will change your password for you and guide you through the process.

If you have any further questions or need further advice please contact Democratic Services.



Tip for accessing older emails in Blackberry Work.

Some members may be finding that when looking at their emails in Blackberry Work they are only picking up emails from the last few weeks. There is a change of settings which will allow members to have access to older emails. This requires you to change your ‘sync limit’ to ‘no sync limit’.  I have outlined the steps below, please click here to view screenshots that might help.

Step 1: Press on the blue circle and then onto settings

Step 2: Select Mail Step 3: At the bottom of this menu is ‘Sync’. Step 4: Select ‘No Sync Limit’

Any issues please contact Democratic Services.



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Ensuring you have access to older emails


Sharing calendars


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