8 September 2021

Motion 880 - Call to scrap the Government’s Planning White Paper


The Council notes:

  • The concerns expressed by communities, MPs and Councils over the Government’s Planning Reforms.
  • That districts are the primary planning authorities, and that under current legislation the County Council is only responsible for Minerals and Waste Planning
  • That there is a real need to deliver more homes in our county, so that future generations can enjoy the security of owning their own homes. 

The Council is concerned that:

  • The Government is not using the Planning White Paper to improve environmental outcomes from planning and building standards fast enough. This is at odds with the declaration of a climate emergency by many local authorities, including Gloucestershire County Council.
  • The Government hasn’t addressed the need for a stronger strategic spatial planning approach, especially in two-tier area, to ensure we deliver sustainable communities

The Council believes that:

  • Residents have the right to a say over developments that will change the area they live in.
  • Local councils, in consultation with their businesses and residents, are best placed to understand the issues in their area and respond with a housing strategy tailored to that area.

The Council calls for the Leader of the Council to write to the Government ask that the White Paper is amended to:

  • Implement stronger controls to ensure individuals making decisions on planning applications are not connected either financially or personally with the developers or related parties to the application.
  • Include a mechanism to ensure proper Strategic Spatial Planning, with county councils fully involved
  • Ensure that County Councils are involved in the setting and apportionment of s106/CIL, to ensure sufficient funding for key infrastructure such as schools and roads
  • Include a series of environmental standards to which new developments must comply with to ensure that local and national Net Zero Carbon Emission targets are achieved and biodiversity standards are protected.

Letter to Michael Gove MP

MP Response to Letter

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