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Pensions Administration - BSC

This page is intended for BSC use only and must not to be disclosed to scheme members. The Guidance should be followed in respect of all County Council (including GCC Schools and non unformed Fire) staff, eligible for the Local Government Pension Scheme. The Guidance equally applies to other relevant organisations paid by BSC (i.e. Academies, Foundation Schools, Police, Probation etc.), where BSC have agreed with the employer to provide this service.

LGPS - New Starters

New Starter Pack Guidance for BSC Staff

Pension Starter Pack - BSC Admin Guidance
The attached document is aimed at providing an overview to BSC staff of the requirement to send Starter Packs to new eligible employees, as well as covering subsequent actions where required. In addition, guidance is given around the actions to be taken should a member wish to Opt-Out of scheme membership.

Very important - please note: Revised guidance implemented September 2012 due to overriding legislation on "Safeguarding Individuals Rights"

New Starter Pack - Auto Entry

The following employees are eligible for automatic entry to the scheme:

  • Employees (including casual staff where mutuality of obligation exists) who have a contract for 3 months or more and are aged under 75.

Please send the following relevant pack:

Pension Starter Information Pack - Automatic Entry to Scheme

If commenced membership before 1st April 2014

LGPS 2014 Pension Starter Information Pack - Automatic Entry to Scheme

If commenced membership after 31st March 2014

New Starter Pack - Entry by Member Election

The following employees are eligible, but must make an election to join the scheme if they wish to be a member:

  • employees who either have a contract for less than 3 months, or DO NOT have mutuality of obligation, and are aged under 75

Please send the following pack: 

LGPS Pension Starter Information Pack - Entry to Scheme by Election

N.B. Should an employee wish to join the scheme, they will send their completed election form BSC for action.
Guidance around actioning the employees request is in the "New Starter Pack Guidance for BSC Staff" document at the head of this page.

After actioning the individuals request, their form (together with any attachments) must be forwarded to the Pensions Section together with a completed copy of the following slip, without delay. The slip confirms the action taken by BSC (i.e. date of admission etc.)

Pension Starter Pack - BSC Employer Notification Slip

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