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Further guidance on supporting you and your staff is provided below. Download a copy of this information.

This guidance is for employers in Gloucestershire who want to know more about how to support their staff to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing. You may be a small enterprise or larger organisation; whatever the size of your workforce there is plenty of information here to help you.

In November 2020, a letter was sent to employers in Gloucestershire by Sarah Scott, Director of Public Health at Gloucestershire County Council. This letter provides further information on support services for those who may be struggling with their wellbeing due to Covid-19. Read the Letter to Employers here.

You may also be interested in this page which includes information for those who may be at risk of experiencing financial hardship due to job loss/end of furlough/redundancy.

Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) can be a great way to help support employee wellbeing. To ensure that an EAP is not just a tick box exercise, how it is implemented, managed and communicated is key.

Healthy Workplaces Gloucestershire urge all employers to ensure they understand the health needs of their workforce and are therefore able to tailor any ‘bought in’ resources to meet this need.

Evidence suggests that over half of UK employees have access to an EAP, but there has been some debate about the impact and return on investment for employers. EAPs are the most common workforce mental health intervention in the UK. With close to half of the workforce, almost 14 million workers, having access to an EAP by their employer. Despite EAPs huge popularity and the faith that so many employers place in EAP, few providers or clients are able to collect systematic EAP evaluation data. Source: The EAP Association UK (EAPA).

As a result of these findings the EAPA asked the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) to carry out further applied research drawing on the Work Foundation analysis to create the EAP Calculator tool.

“The Return on Investment (ROI) calculator is based on IES expertise and banks of previous research in order to provide a sensible, realistic guide to financial returns from the use of an EAP. It’s also a useful way to check on different models, what the difference would be to ROI from changing the level of investment, an awareness campaign to increase usage etc. The more employers that use the calculator tool, the richer the dataset and the more useful it becomes for benchmarking and for making conversations with the Finance Director about wellbeing that bit more straightforward.”

EAPA has also published a range of documents and guides to assist with the commissioning or delivery of EAPs. The EAP resources will help facilitate a conversation for the issues relating to EAPs and wellbeing in the workplace. Also see their buyers guide.


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