Back to school advice for parents / carers


With the majority of children and young people being away from school for such an extended period of time, this ‘back to school’ season might feel different to normal.

While this time of year usually brings a flurry of activity, this year might feel a bit more fraught or uncertain.

There are things you can do now to make that transition back to school easier, and ease any anxieties there might be around starting school again.

Below are some ways to help ease your child / children back into the school routine.

Talk about school

Start to talk about what the new school year will bring, whether that is a new teacher, seeing friends again, or restarting extra-curricular activities.

Talking about what school will look like will help prepare children by helping them visualise this transition. This is the case even more so for those who are starting a new school. It can also help to uncover any anxiety that they might have.

Your child’s school might have even posted some useful information on their website to help with the return to school, so check their website out and discuss with your child.

Listen and acknowledge their feelings

It can be tempting to try to distract them or tell them they do not need to worry but this will not stop the way they are feeling.

Reassure them that it is completely normal to have some worries about going back to school after such a long period of time away.

Come up with some ideas together than might help ease any anxiety, such as:

  • seeing a friend or two before school starts, or
  • what they could do to cope in a particular situation that is worrying them.

Suggest they speak to a trusted adult at school if they are concerned. Also ask them what they are looking forward to; this could help them feel more positive about going back if they are anxious.

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