Examples of additional support provided

Recognising the significant risk to the most vulnerable in the county, the county council and clinical commissioning group, supported by colleagues from the wider Local Resilience Forum have, since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, increased support available to care settings in the county. This additional support for care homes will continue to support prevention of Covid-19, and response to any cases in care homes. Below are some examples of additional support provided:

  • Gloucestershire’s Local Resilience Forum (LRF) has made sure all care homes have adequate stock levels of PPE,
  • Daily infection prevention and control advice, education and support given to those homes in greatest need
  • Training and advice around infection, prevention and control
  • Via the national digital care home portal, the county’s Director of Public Health has submitted a prioritised list of care homes for testing.
  • Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) and NHS staff have teamed up to help care homes in the county with testing residents and staff for Covid-19. The Accelerated Care Home Provision Outreach Service has been set up to improve access to Covid-19 testing and deliver local support to care homes where the need is greatest
  • All hospital patients are screened for 48-72 hours before discharge and two Hospital Discharge Support Units are used to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 Further capacity has been set up for people coming out of hospital who don’t have covid-19 until their existing provider can support their care needs again.
  • A fast track carers recruitment service is available to all care providers, including care homes. This service includes advertising, shortlisting, interviewing, DBS and reference checks online induction and matching for a provider
  • A Supplier relief funding has been established, with a payment made to all care providers in April and May, equivalent to 10% of monthly fees, to support additional COVID-19 related expenditure. This payment is in addition to the agreed inflationary increase of 3.58% for care homes. Further payments of 10% are planned after May, subject to evidence of appropriate spend.
  • Gloucestershire Care Providers Association has held webinars for care providers three times a week, to update them on guidance, offer support and answer any questions.
  • GPs across the county are carrying out virtual ‘ward rounds’ to support care homes and are continuing to provide face to face medical support to residents as needed.

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