Domestic abuse refuges

Click through the section below to learn how to quickly identify and contain potential Covid-19 outbreaks.

This guidance is for managers and staff of refuge services and other forms of domestic abuse safe accommodation, including emergency accommodation, where victims of domestic abuse (children and adults) are housed.

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If you have more than 1 confirmed case of Covid-19:

Contact your local Public Health England Health Protection Team (PHE HPT) for help and advice on 0300 303 8162

Early engagement with your local PHE HPT is key to minimise any possible wider outbreak in Gloucestershire.

Information that may be requested of you:

  1. Details of your organisation (name, location, key contact details, number of staff, volunteers, typical size of congregation and notable demographic factors)
  2. Details of cases (contact details of those affected, number of close contacts, known links between individuals diagnosed, nature of environment, when symptoms started, when they were last present, details of control measures, nature of roles undertaken by those affected, etc.)
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Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.