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Living with COVID-19 in Gloucestershire

Almost two years to the day from the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Gloucestershire, the UK government has announced its intention to move to a situation where we are “living safely with COVID”, and remaining measures to control the spread of the virus have, or will shortly be, removed.

Our updated plan sets out our local strategy to live safely with COVID-19 in Gloucestershire; it replaces Gloucestershire’s Local Outbreak Management Plan and sets the direction for how we will continue to prevent, contain, respond and monitor COVID-19 in a different way, and outlines how we will be able to step back up our surge requirements if necessary. 

As we make this transition, we need to keep a focus on the underlying poor health exposed and exacerbated by the pandemic; we will need to continue to ensure our resources are invested in improving public health and reducing inequalities to make sure that all of our population are equally prepared to deal with any future resurgence of COVID-19 and ensure more equal outcomes for our whole population.   

You can read the full plan here



Please note; this plan has been replaced by the 'Living with Covid in Gloucestershire' plan above.

The LOMP outlines how the county council and its partners have, and will continue to, work together to prevent the spread of Covid, manage outbreaks and support and protect residents. 

You can read the full plan here

There are four principles which underpin the outbreak management plan:

Delivery of the LOMP will be overseen by the COVID-19 Health Protection Board, chaired By Sarah Scott, Director of Public Health, and made up of senior officers from all the responding organisations. This board will be advised by the cross-party COVID-19 Engagement Board, which will be chaired by Mark Hawthorne, leader of the county council. The prevent, contain, respond and monitor delivery plans will be overseen and driven by the Covid-19 Health Protection Board.




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