Keeping your baby safe and healthy

Resources to help you build a strong relationship with your baby and keep them safe

Building a strong relationship between parents and their new baby will give them the best possible start in life, and will help them to grow up happy and confident. Some advice and information on setting up the foundations for a close and loving relationship can be found by downloading UNICEF’s free leaflet Building a Happy Baby.

  • Coronavirus: Parent information for newborn babies leaflet
  • The Lullaby Trust has produced a Baby Check App which features 19 simple checks that parents can do if their baby is showing signs of illness. Each check tests for a different symptom and when completed, a score is calculated that tells parents or carers how ill their baby is. The app then lets parents know whether their baby needs to see a doctor or health professional
  • MYBT is an online programme designed to help new and expecting parents cope better with the relationship changes they may experience when a baby arrives.  Research tells us that relationship satisfaction is often at its lowest when a couple first become parents.  MYBT helps them to develop the skills they need to cope better with stress together, to listen effectively and consider the triggers behind different thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Jaundice in newborn babies

Jaundice is very common in newborn babies. Jaundice reaches its peak at about four days of life and then gradually disappears in most babies by the time they are two weeks old. Jaundice does not necessarily mean your baby is ill. Jaundice is caused by your baby having an increased level of a yellowish substance called bilirubin in their blood. It is important that jaundice is monitored to ensure that the bilirubin level does not get too high.

The Children’s Liver Foundation has produced the following resources for parents and carers:

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