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EYFS Summative Development Record

Gloucestershire Summative Record

For those of you who use this paper based record the following update will be of interest

For continuity purposes all records including the 2 Year old progress proforma and the Transition record have been re-ordered.

There is no expectation that children's existing downloaded records must be replaced with these alternative versions. As and when paper copies are replaced in settings we suggest that the updated versions are used.

If this does not suit your setting remember that all of the records (except the Transition Record) can be adapted in any way that suits you.

The revised Transition record is intended for use Summer 2017. It was posted on the web at the point that all Transition records for transfer this year should have been completed so that it would not cause confusion.

Any further queries should be emailed to the Early Years Team at:

Tracking progress during the EYFS

The document has been updated to allow practitioners to record on a summative record the child's level of confidence within a band.  This is recorded as Entering, Developing or Secure.

Please note that it is not appropriate for practitioners to attempt to create any hard and fast rules about how many statements a child must achieve in order to be recorded at each level of confidence.  The judgements made should still continue to be 'best fit'.  Remember that the Development Matter statements are not intended for use as a tick list.

This pack consists of several documents including the Transition Record for use in Summer 2017 for children who will be starting school in September 2017. Please note: The Transition Record cannot be modified and must be used by all Gloucestershire settings in receipt of funding.

You will be aware that within the revised EYFS there is a statutory requirement to record two summative judgements:

  • Between the ages of 24 and 36 months (the 2 year old check)
  • At the end of the Reception Year (the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile)

There is no specified requirement relating to the frequency of summative judgements other than the 2 year old check and the EYFSP at the end of the Reception year.  However the materials in this pack have been developed to support those of you who would like to record a summative judgement more frequently. The summative record (excluding the transition record) materials provide an optional format that can be used at planned intervals within a child's time in the setting. We would recommend this as good practice.

Best Fit Judgements

This means that in pre-school it is not necessary to highlight the Development Matters statements for each child. Instead the practitioner will read them, reflect on their knowledge of the child and then make a professional judgement about which age and stage best describes the child (best fit). This judgement could be recorded on the Summative Development Record in this pack. The Development Matters statements are included for reference purposes only in an appendix at the end of the pack.

In school the same process applies and then at the end of the year a 'best fit' judgement is made about the ELGs in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.

It is not necessary to print off the whole pack for every child, instead you should print off only the sections that you wish to use. Alternatively you could complete the section you wish to use electronically and print it only if you need to share it with someone. One copy of the Development Matters is useful for each member of staff if they don't already have the document but it is not necessary to have a copy for each child as it does not need to be highlighted.


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