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Due to the current COVID‑19 situation, there will be a reduced team working available to answer phone calls. Please try and email us with any queries and we will reply as soon as possible. Staff will be available to support you during this process but please bear with us during these difficult times.

Please email the team who will be able to respond to your query as soon as possible
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Transfer to Secondary School or from Middle to High School 2021 Intake

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all, the School Admissions Team have to adapt to working within the strict guidelines set by the government so there will be a reduced team available to answer phone calls. Please try to email us at with any queries, and we will reply as soon as possible. Staff will be available to support you during the current lockdown but please be patient with us during these difficult times.

The online application facility for transfer to Secondary School or from Middle to High School is now open. Please click ‘Apply Here’ to begin and follow the instructions on the page. Should you have any issues, please use our Parent’s Guide to the School Admissions Online Application, available in the related documents column.

Apply Here

The online application facility is the preferred method for most parents as it allows them to receive an email on allocation day, rather than a letter. However, should you be unable to use it, you can download a paper application form in the related documents column and return this to us.

It is extremely important that you submit your application by Saturday 31 October 2020.

Important notes

  • If you live in Gloucestershire and wish to select an Out of County school on your application, you must still apply to Gloucestershire School Admissions.
  • If you live in another county and wish to select a Gloucestershire school on your application, you will need to apply to your own Authority and they will send this information to us as per the Co-ordinated Scheme. Please note that we will not consider your request unless we receive an application from your own Authority.
  • Before starting your application we advise you read our Secondary School and Academy Information Booklet & Guidance Booklet 2021 for more information.
  • For Information and guidance regarding Middle to High School transfer please visit the relevant authority's website.

Gloucestershire Grammar School Entrance Test

For those parents that have registered for their child to sit the Gloucestershire grammar school entrance test, please be advised that the test day has changed. Following the recently published Department for Education guidance, the Gloucestershire grammar schools have made the decision to hold the Entrance Test on Saturday 17 October 2020, rather than on Saturday 12 September as had been previously advertised.

Due to the later test date, parents/carers will not receive the outcome of the Entrance Test by the deadline for the submitting the secondary school application form (31st October 2020).

Therefore, we strongly advise that you use at least one of your five preferences to list comprehensive secondary school(s).

Please remember that all school places are allocated on the basis of each school’s admissions policy. Therefore if you later find out that your child did not achieve the qualifying standard for the grammar schools, your comprehensive school preference(s) will not have been disadvantaged.

If you have further questions in reference to the Entrance Test, please contact the grammar schools in September.

Key dates

From noon 18 May 2020 to noon
on 30 June 2020
Online registration period for Grammar Entrance Test
September 2020 Letters sent out explaining how to apply for school places
From 7 September 2020 to
31 October 2020
Online Secondary/High School transfer application facility open
Saturday 17 October 2020 Grammar Entrance Test Day
Saturday 31 October 2020 Closing date for school applications
This date is to be confirmed Grammar Test results sent to parents
Monday 1 March 2021 Allocation Day
By Midnight
Monday 8 March 2021
Closing date to return reply form accepting the School/Academy place or requesting to be put on waiting list/s
Monday 29 March 2021
Outcome of waiting list requests
Wednesday 7 April 2021 Closing date for the return of reply forms
May 2021 to July 2021 Appeals

Transfer to a UTC September 2021

For information and to apply for a place at SGS Berkeley Green UTC please visit their website

For information regarding UTC's outside Gloucestershire please visit the websites for these establishments and follow the procedures outlined in their policies.

Applying for a school place during the school year
(in-year applications)

To apply for a school place if you move to the area during the school year or your child needs to move school for other reasons go to our in-year admissions page.

Common myths about applying for secondary school places

If you only put one preference, you will be allocated that school
No. You could disadvantage yourself by not using all your preferences. If you only name one, you will only be considered for that school and if you don't get in, you could be allocated a school far away.

If you name the same school in all five preferences, you are considered five times for that school
No, this is the same as only naming one school.

Schools will only look at those children who have named them as first preference
No, schools do not know in which order they have been named. An equal ranking system is used to allocate places.

I am guaranteed a place at my local school even if I don't name it as a preference
No, you must name your local school if you want to be considered for a place there. If we cannot offer any of your preferences and you have not applied for your local school, it is unlikely you will be offered a place there.

If you apply late, you will still be allocated one of your choices
No, if your application is late (or you do not apply) you will be offered a place at the nearest school to your home address that has space available. This may not be your nearest school or a school of your choice, and you will be responsible for transport costs.

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If you have not managed to find an answer to your question in the information above or in the School Admissions Guidance Booklet 2021, contact the Co-ordinated Admissions Team.

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