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Meet Lisa

On Friday 14 September Lisa from our School Admissions team will be live on Twitter and Facebook from 12noon to 2pm answering your questions about admission to secondary school in September 2019. Follow #AskGlosCC and talk to Lisa.

We asked Lisa to answer a few of our own questions:

What is your job and what did you do before you worked in the Admissions team?

My job is Co-ordinated Admissions & Travel Assistance/Free School Meals Manager. I manage the allocations of school places for children starting school for the first time in reception and when they transfer to secondary school.  I also manage the provision of home to school transport (for children entitled to free transport who qualify under our transport policy) and the assessment of children entitled to free school meals.  I have worked in the admissions, transport and free school meals team for 13 years and have managed the admissions process for 10 of those years.

Before I worked here I worked in Human Resources so I have always dealt with people and I love helping them!

What's your job like and what do you enjoy the most about it?

My job is challenging, rewarding and full of surprises! We allocate around 15000 school places each year and we try hard to ensure the majority of children get a place at the school they want. Last year 86% got their first choice and 96% got one of their preferences.

Helping parents who are unhappy with their school allocation is one of the things I love about my job. Parents are often very anxious at this time and I can help them understand the reasons why their child has  been allocated a particular school and, importantly, what they need to do next.  During school admission times our team get a lot of questions from parents who have heard some of the myths that circulate. For instance:

  • Myth 1: its done on a first come first served basis
  • Myth 2: we save school places to allocate later on in the year
  • Myth 3: if you have siblings at the school you want you don’t need to apply for a place
  • Myth 4: if you only put down one preference you will get it
  • Myth 5: if you put the same school down 5 times you will be considered for this 5 times.

Countering these myths with facts and helping parents understand how the school admissions process actually works is a satisfying part of my job.

I am a mum and have gone through this process myself so I do understand .how hard it is for parents and the anxious wait for allocation day. I was so nervous and drove round my estate looking for the postman so I could be put out of my misery!

Of course these days you don’t have to wait for the postman as 94% apply on line and allocations are sent  straight to your email inbox on National Allocations Days.


I look forward to answering your questions on Twitter on 14 September.

Please use #AskGlosCC when asking a question on Twitter.


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