Holiday Free School Meals

The application form for Holiday Free School Meal support is open Monday 25th January to Friday 5th February 2021.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Children and Young People entitled to Free School Meals have been offered support throughout the various holidays and this February half term will be no different.

Please note that if you previously received a voucher in the October half term and Christmas Holiday you do not need to apply to the scheme again.

Please follow this link to apply online for the February half-term Free School Meal Support.

If you have any queries, please ring the helpline on 01452 426165 (during office hours, 9am-5pm) or alternatively e-mail


I have used this scheme during the October or Christmas holiday - do I need to apply again?

No. If you have received a voucher through the Council’s scheme during the October half term or Christmas holiday you do not need to reapply, your voucher will be sent to you automatically.


My child has only recently become eligible for Free Schools Meals - is it too late for me to apply?

No, please use the link above to complete the online form. The portal for applications will be open from 25th January 2021 to 5th February 2021.


I did not apply during the October or Christmas holidays, but I would like to apply for February, is this possible?

Yes. Please use the link above and complete the online form. It’s not too late, just apply between 25th January 2021 and 5th February 2021.

Please note you will only receive a voucher for February half term.


Where do the vouchers come from?

The voucher company is called Auriga. You will receive an e-mail from the following e-mail address: This is not spam, but may come through into your junk folder, so please check this regularly.


I have the e-mail from but the voucher has not come through yet, what can I do?

Once you have clicked on the link within the e-mail and selected the supermarket you would like to use, the e-voucher should come through within an hour of completing this. If for any reason your voucher does not come through after having selected your supermarket, please contact Auriga on the following number: 0330 123 5550.


My e-mail address has changed but I haven’t informed anyone, what can I do?

The vouchers will be sent to the e-mail address you have supplied. If you have received vouchers in October and/or December and your e-mail address has changed since then please e-mail providing details of your name, and your child’s name, your old e-mail address, your new e-mail address and whether you first registered for vouchers in October or December holidays.


My e-mail hasn’t come through yet, when should I receive it by?

You should receive your initial e-mail between the 8th - 10th February. If you have not received your voucher by noon on the 11th February, please e-mail the following address: providing details of your name, and your child’s name, explaining that you have not received the e-mail.


Which supermarkets can I use the voucher at?

The following supermarkets are part of this voucher scheme:

  • Sainsbury's
  • ASDA
  • Morrisons
  • Tesco
  • ALDI

The Vouchers can also be used online if you are unable to access a supermarket.


​How much will I receive in vouchers for the February Half Term?

You will receive a voucher equivalent to your free school meal entitlement of £15 per child, per week. Therefore, for the February Half Term, if you were to have 2 Children, you would receive one £30 voucher.

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