PATH - Creative and Community Based Person Centred Planning

What is a PATH?

Working together with communities to promote emotional wellbeing, PATH is a catalyst for change and the follow up is built right into the process.  The plan is right there for everyone to see. Because the PATH involves the people it is meant to serve, it will be followed.

This ½ day intervention is delivered by two experienced and trained PATH facilitators who believe that people have gifts and talents and can begin to solve their own problems with a little help from each other.


When a PATH is useful

PATHs are fantastic tools for bringing the future to life and really increasing people's motivation for positive action towards that future. PATHs can be carried out with children and adults, focusing on an individual, a team or an organisation.

  • Children - excellent to use at points of change in life e.g. moving schools, going to secondary school, thinking about the future.
  • Adults - PATHs are a perfect fit for teams of adults who are setting out on a change process. It can help develop a shared vision and motivate a team.


What a PATH looks like

Once a creative and collaborative team come together, for a child or as a group of adults, PATHs follow 6 steps:

  1. Deciding what the vision or dream is
  2. Jumping forward in time and thinking about one year from now, what's been possible and positive in that journey towards the dream
  3. Thinking about where the group or situation is now
  4. Deciding who we need to take on this journey with us, who can help
  5. Realising what each member of the group, and the group as a whole, needs to do to 'stay strong' and cope with the ups and down that happen as part of life
  6. Deciding on the very first steps and actions that will kickstart the journey towards the dream

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