What is Sandplay?


"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” (Carl Jung)


Sandplay is a form of play therapy that can be used with children and adults. It is a non-verbal therapeutic intervention that makes use of a sandbox, toy figures, and sometimes water, to create scenes of miniature worlds that reflect a person’s inner thoughts, struggles, and concerns. It is based upon the idea that “play is the child's natural medium of self expression" (Axline 1969. p. 9), and can be a useful way of supporting children and young people who find it difficult talk about what is troubling them and how they are feeling.

A number of Educational Psychologists working within the Educational Psychology Service have received training and continue to access supervision through the Association of Sandplay Therapy whilst providing Sandplay within local schools.


Each session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. The average block of Sandplay therapy for children and young people is 10 sessions, although this may be extended if deemed necessary following agreement with parents and school staff. Sandplay sessions are usually delivered at a child or young person’s school.


Sandplay can be accessed through a school’s traded subscription.



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