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Gloucestershire County Council – Social Care Support

If you contact Gloucestershire County Council for support professionals at the Children and Families Front Door will speak to you to understand the severity and complexity of your situation.  You will then be allocated either to the Early Help Service (Level 3 – Targeted Intervention) or if there are complex disability issues or safeguarding concerns to the Social Work Assessment Team (Level 4 Specialist Support).  The Social Work Assessment Teams work with a wide range of children including those with disabilities. 

Once you have been allocated to Early Help or the Social Work Assessment Team your family will have an assessment.  An 'assessment' is when a professional talk with you about your child's and family’s strengths and supports, and any concerns you have, or gaps in your support.  All disabled children are entitled to an assessment of their social care needs, leading to a support plan to meet any assessed needs. Any agreed need for short breaks or Personal Assistant (PA) time will be included in your assessment and plan. It should be noted that two children with the same disability may require different services as it also depends on their environmental and family circumstances.

When an assessment has been completed for a child with additional needs those with complex and severe disabilities, complex health issues or severe learning disabilities will be transferred to the Disabled Children and Young People’s Service (DCYPS) within Gloucestershire County Council.  Those children who have additional needs but are functioning at a higher level are supported within the locality teams outside of DCYPS.  The Social Workers in these teams have the skills to be able to respond best to these families and can offer them the right support.  Support from all of our services is intended to enable disabled children to have the same range of opportunities as non-disabled children, and with their families to be able to experience the 'ordinary' things of life that others take for granted.

If you want to ask for an assessment, contact the Children and Families Front Door on

The Children and Families Front Door is open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust


If your child has a moderate to severe learning or developmental disability, attends a special school and is expressing their emotions through behaviour the Learning Disability team within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (LD CAMHS) can offer assessment, intervention and support with:

  • behavioural difficulties
  • sleep problems
  • mental health
  • risk management
  • puberty and sexuality issues
  • epilepsy awareness and monitoring
  • medication
  • health promotion.

Your child will need to be referred into this service by a professional.

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