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Fees and Allowances

You receive two kinds of payments when you foster a child. These are: 

  1. A weekly maintenance allowance that covers the costs of caring for the child.
  2. A weekly fee in recognition of your time, skills and experience. This amount depends on the kind of fostering you are doing. More intensive fostering attracts a higher fee.

See our current schedule of fostering allowances and fees.


A new (Band 1) carer who is caring for a 13 year old girl receives the following weekly payments:

Maintenance allowance (for 11 to 15 year old): £206.92 per week

Skills fee: £120.19

Total = £327.11 per week or £17,009.72 per year. The qualifying care relief amount is £10,000 + £250 x 52 = £23,000, therefore the full amount would be tax free.

Additional Payments

We also pay additional allowances for holidays, birthdays and religious festivals.


Foster carers are self employed for tax and national insurance purposes, so you would need to register with HMRC. You will be eligible for qualifying care relief, which means you may not need to pay tax or national insurance on your fostering income. Visit the HMRC website for details.


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