"Our fostering support worker was absolutely fantastic. He was reliable, consistent, and supportive of me as a foster carer." Jo

"We would like to thank our social worker for her unwavering support over the previous three years. She displays an extensive knowledge and willingness to help out, and we also appreciate her ability to address the difficult questions which arise when fostering. She is caring and supportive and we have learned a lot from her." Martin and Peter

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Fostering isn’t something you are expected to do on your own. We’ll support you in a number of ways:

  1. As soon as you start the process of becoming a foster carer, we’ll offer you the chance to be mentored by an experienced foster carer.

  2. In your first year of fostering, you’ll receive intensive support from your fostering social worker, additional help from a family support worker and the chance to reflect on how things are going with expert guidance.

  3. After your first year, your dedicated fostering social worker is there to support you day to day and will help you grow and develop as a foster carer.

  4. You’ll attend regular support groups of other foster carers in your area, where you can share and learn from people doing the same thing as you. Your birth children will be invited to attend the Kids 4 Kids support group.

  5. You'll be able to call on out-of-hours support in an emergency.

  6. You will receive fees and allowances to cover the costs of looking after a child and to recognise your time and skills. Take a look at our current schedule of fees and allowances.

  7. To help children celebrate special occasions, you will receive additional allowances for holidays, birthdays and religious festivals like Christmas and Eid.

  8. Your training with us starts from the beginning of your application to foster and continues throughout your fostering career. This includes the opportunity to foster full-time with one of our specialist schemes when you’ve gained the skills and experience. All training is delivered in Gloucestershire and some training can also be completed online.

  9. You will have access to a secure website that includes information on relevant policies and legislation.

  10. As a GCC foster carer you are automatically enrolled as a member of The Fostering Network.

  11. We coordinate a discount scheme where local businesses offer discounts to our foster carers.


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