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We do respite care at the moment! Rewarding, sometimes exhausting, always good fun!!!! Helen and Peter

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Thank you for your interest in helping a local child by fostering for Gloucestershire County Council. We believe there is a kind of fostering to suit almost everyone.

There are many types of fostering and you can decide on the one that suits you and your circumstances. Many of our foster carers do more than one kind of fostering, while some choose to specialise in a particular kind.

You can choose if you prefer a particular age group. You will always have a say about the children who stay with you.

  1. Our emergency foster carers give children a safe home to go to immediately, no matter what hour of the day or night, for anything from 72 hours to 28 days. We have a special scheme called STEPS for anyone interested in doing 28 day emergency placements.

    Read what Lindsey has to say about being an emergency carer.

  2. Our respite foster carers build a relationship with a child who regularly stays with them for short periods, like a weekend, to give their parents or foster carers a break.

    Read what Pam has to say about being a respite carer.

  3. Short term fostering can mean looking after a child for anything from a few days to a couple of years while decisions are made about their future.

    Read what Richard has to say about being a short-term carer.

  4. Our long term foster carers welcome children into their homes as part of their family until they are ready to be independent.

  5. Once you have gained the experience, you will have the opportunity to train to become a specialist foster carer, looking after a parent and their child, a young asylum seeker or more complex children.

To find out more about the children and young people who need foster homes, read the information on the About our children page.


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