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Gloucestershire Fire Authority

Gloucestershire County Council fulfils the role of the Fire Authority as prescribed under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004.

As the Fire Authority, the council is primarily responsible for:

o   Significant change or impact will affect two or more communities or wards

o   Expenditure or savings exceeding £500,000 are concerned

  • Oversight, challenge, evaluation and reporting in respect of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service business decisions and activities
  • Internal audit of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service activities to ensure, among other things, the correctness of all income and expenditure and;
  •  Provision of an Annual Governance Statement as set out in the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015.

The Service sits under the remit of a Lead Cabinet Member whose specific role covers Public Protection, Parking and Libraries. The Lead Cabinet Member oversees activities within his portfolio to include fire and rescue, reporting to and forming part of the Cabinet (made up of the Leader of the Council and 8 other county councillors).

As Members of Cabinet, Councillors do not represent the individual wards/divisions for which they are elected, instead they have a duty to represent the interests of the community across Gloucestershire as a whole.

Cabinet meetings are open for the public to attend and they have the right to put forward questions relating to items on the agenda. For more information regarding this please contact:

Democratic Services - 01452 324196

The Chief Fire Officer is appointed by the Fire Authority and forms an integral part of the Chief Officers Management Team within Gloucestershire County Council thereby providing a direct link between Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service and Gloucestershire County Council.

Under the ‘Scheme of Delegations’ (contained within Gloucestershire County Council Constitution, the Chief Fire Officer is responsible for and can make ‘executive’ decisions concerning:

  • The management of operations of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

Note: Any decision regarding expenditure of more than £250,000 must be formally recorded via Gloucestershire County Council.

The Chief Fire Officer is also responsible for:

  • Overall planning and management of the budget for Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Reporting to the Cabinet and Fire Authority and recommending for their consideration matters affecting finance and Service policy.

The Chief Fire Officer is required to assist in the preparation of the Annual Governance Statement for the Council by providing a Members/Directors/Service Assurance Statement covering the internal control framework operating within Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

The Chief Fire Officer must also ensure an Community Management Plan and a Statement of Assurance (incorporating a Statement of Accounts) are produced for GFRS which demonstrate that the Service has fulfilled its obligations under the Fire and Rescue National Framework for England (2018).

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