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Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

A Fire Safety Risk Assessment looks at your premises, the activities carried out there, the potential for a fire to occur and the harm it could cause.

The Fire Safety Risk Assessment has been developed to identify hazards and to reduce the risk of those hazards causing harm. It will also help to determine what fire safety measures and management policies are necessary to ensure the safety of people in the building, should a fire occur.

There are 5 basic steps to undertaking a fire safety risk assessment.  These are:-

  1. Identify the people at risk.
  2. Identify the fire hazards.
  3. Evaluate the risk and decide if existing fire safety measures are adequate.
  4. Record the fire risk assessment information.
  5. Review the fire risk assessment at regular intervals.

To assist with the preparation and completion of a Fire Risk Assessment we provide, at no cost, a basic template*. Please note, it may not be suitable for use in some large or complex premises.

*Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the adequacy and suitability of this template, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service accepts no responsibility for any content added, edited or deleted by the user. Use of this template will not automatically guarantee the completed risk assessment will be regarded as 'suitable and sufficient'.

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