Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service Community Risk Management Plan 2022-2025 Stage One Consultation

As the Fire and Rescue Authority and governing body for the county, Gloucestershire County Council has a legal duty to ensure that a highly effective and efficient Fire and Rescue Service is provided for the people of Gloucestershire, which also delivers value for money. The Fire Authority also has a duty to periodically publish a strategic plan of how they intend to keep our communities safe over the coming years. This consultation provides our communities and stakeholders with an opportunity to give their views on what we provide as a service.

Your Fire Service

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service is part of the County Council and incorporates other Community Safety related services such as Emergency Management, Trading Standards, Coroners and Road Safety.

Our purpose is to make Gloucestershire a safer and healthier place to live by serving and protecting our residents and businesses. We achieve this through prevention, protection and response activity and by having dedicated staff with the right skills.

Our Response capability is made up of 21 Community Fire Stations with 32 staffed frontline fire appliances, plus additional specialist vehicles, strategically located across Gloucestershire. Each fire appliance is mobilised according to the response needed.

As well as extinguishing fires and performing rescues from road traffic collisions we also attend rescues involving water, from height, animals and hazardous materials. Over the past few years we have attended life threatening medical emergencies by co-responding with the Ambulance Service and last year this accounted for 14% of incidents we attended. We also attended 5370 incidents; 25% were fire related and 5% were road traffic collisions.  Even though the proportion of our work attending road traffic collisions is low, statistically they pose the greatest risk to life and produce the highest number of fatalities and injuries compared to any of our other response areas.

The remaining incidents are classed as special service calls and automatic fire alarms. Special service incidents describe a wide range of calls from flooded property to cliff rescue, and last year accounted for 40% of all calls.

For many years prevention has been at the heart of everything we do. We strive to prevent and reduce incidents, particularly involving those most at risk and most vulnerable within our community. We carry out enhanced Home Safety Checks, known as “Safe and Well Checks”, and provide a range of safety specific educational services and products in line with targeted national campaigns.

Our Business Fire Safety Team continues to protect the public by reducing the risk of fires in business and commercial settings. We carry out Fire Safety inspections to make sure businesses follow fire safety regulations. The team have recently obtained additional resources and expanded to include a further three Fire Safety Officers which has significantly increased the number and effectiveness of these inspections.

We have also played a crucial role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst continuing to carry out our statutory duties, our dedicated staff have taken on many additional duties including ambulance driving, delivering supplies to the vulnerable, delivering PPE to NHS and care facilities, helping with antigen and antibody testing, providing infection prevention and control training, assisting mobile COVID-19 testing, delivering support to education establishments and supporting the mortuary services for the county when sadly needed. We are also providing facilities and support for the COVID-19 mass vaccination and testing programme.

We are an inclusive employer and our aim is to provide a workforce that is reflective of the diverse community we serve. This is a challenging aspiration and we recognise that statistically we currently fall short of achieving this, but significant progress has been made over the last few years through Positive Action campaigns. We now employ the highest percentage of female firefighters (17%) in England and employ 3.2% firefighters from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups compared to a population representation of 4.6%.

View an accessible version of this infographic.

View an accessible version of this infographic.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service has an approximate expenditure of £22.9m per year. We spend 58% of our budget on staffing compared to the England average of 75%. In our last Home Office inspection we had one of the lowest firefighter costs per person in England - £16.61 compared to the national average of £22.08. We do this whilst still providing the national average number of firefighters per thousand population. The cost to the community of Gloucestershire to provide a Fire and Rescue Service has dramatically dropped over the last decade and is now significantly below the average of all comparable counties.

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Fire related incidents attended
Road traffic collision
Special Service Calls
610 Fire Safety audits completed
38% of 'High Risk' premises inspected
Safe & Well visits completed
Cardiac Care & Co-responsing responses
Concerns for safety attended

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