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Selection process


The selection process consists of ability and practical tests, which are job related tasks relevant to a firefighter's role.

There are several stages of the recruitment process, which are detailed below.

Application form

Candidates will be asked to complete a detailed application form.

Mental agility test

This stage requires the candidate to complete and pass a written test.

Mental agility example questions:

  1. What is the next number in this series?  1,  3,  6,  10,  15,  21...
  2. Nose is to Smell as an Eye is to...  A) Hearing  B) Taste  C) Sight  D) Touch
  3. Which word does not belong in this list?  A) Square  B) Triangle  C) Circle  D) Cube
  4. James had £5 pocket money. He spent 20% on crisps and ½ on stickers. How much does he have left?
  5. Which number is smaller?  A) 1/4   B) 0.2   C) 1.02   D) 1/3
  6. What is the 4th letter of the month before September?


This is designed to assess your ability to become a firefighter. If successful, you will be invited to attend an interview.

The tests are:

  • A ladder climb - this test is designed to assess confidence and co-ordination whilst working at heights. Candidates will be attached to a safety line.
  • Ladder extension.
  • Enclosed space - this involves negotiating through a measured crawl way wearing a Breathing Apparatus facemask within a set time.
  • Equipment carry.

Fitness assessment

There will be an assessment to see if you already have the right level to train as a Firefighter, or give you advice and support on how to reach the standard required.

  • Chester treadmill assessment
  • 25kg bar lift.

Group discussion

You will be asked to take part in a group discussion with other candidates. The discussion will be based around the role of an on call firefighter within the community. This will be a great opportunity to demonstrate your excellent communication skills.

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