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Full time Firefighter #buildyourfuture

Please note our application process is now closed but why not follow us on twitter where future recruitment campaigns will be posted...

You've come this far why not go a little further! #buildyourfuture

It is no secret that the role of a modern day community firefighter within Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service is incredibly varied, but above all else, is an extremely rewarding choice for your career!

We are looking for community firefighters to build their futures with Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

We are looking for individuals who have something different to bring to our unique Service.

Honesty - Inclusivity - Collaboration - Transparency - Excellence

Do you think you have what it takes to build your future with Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service

"I thought the selection tests would be really hard especially the exams!" (Donna Smith, Firefighter)

The selection process is used to identify who has the abilities that are actually important for our firefighters to perform well in their role. We will be using a mental agility 'questionnaire' and a strength based evaluation process instead of exams to identify the attributes that matter most to us. You don't actually need any formal qualifications to be a firefighter. But we will give you the option to gain many new qualifications within the service.

"When I joined the service I was the first Asian Muslim to be employed by GFRS. Initially I was concerned about how I would fit in, but I was wrong." (Faisal Atcha, Watch Manager).

Our community is diverse and engaging with people in order to make them safe is at the heart of what we do. In order to fully reflect our communities, and bring different perspectives and experiences to the organisation we strive to have an equally diverse workforce. We want to ensure everyone understands that if they share our values, they have the ability and opportunity to be a firefighter. Through positive action and a robust selection and recruitment strategy we are making sure this message is clear and correct.


"I am a mother with 2 small children and my background is mainly in customer service. I had no idea if I was what GFRS were looking for. I knew I wasn't the perceived stereotypical firefighter everyone imagines! All I knew is I loved interacting with people and wanted to make a real difference to my community" (Felicity Rowlands, Firefighter)

The role of a firefighter is not what you think it is. It involves so much more than you might imagine. Of course you are still required to respond to emergency incidents so a commitment to perform this aspect of the role is important.

For us, prevention and protection activity is a huge part of the role and the more of this we are involved in the far fewer incidents occur. Safe and well visits and engagement activities within the community allow us to identify vulnerable individuals and ensure they are protected. A desire to help people, make a difference and an ability to engage with our diverse and expanding communities will be a valuable quality to have. You need to be passionate about the future of the fire service and possess a dynamic attitude to an ever developing role.

The application and selection process

A strengths based approach to selection will see candidates undertaking activities that are designed to allow people to demonstrate their qualities, values, attitudes and behaviours. We have a strong set of Core Values in GFRS which lie at the heart of everything we do and these will form the basis of what successful candidates will need to demonstrate.

  • Initial application which will be available to access online once recruitment is open
  • Successful applicants will be invited to attend an evaluation day (details below)
  • Invitation to a formal interview if successful at the evaluation day
  • Multi stage fitness evaluation
  • A medical assessment will be required for all those successful in interviews

Evaluation day

Our Firefighter evaluation days will form part of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service's new Recruitment and Selection Strategy, in making sure that we select the right individuals to help drive our organisation forward and deliver the best service possible to the people of Gloucestershire.

The day will involve group discussions and group activities which have been specifically designed in an inclusive way to allow each individual the opportunity to showcase their potential. We will be asking our candidates to work together on tasks that reflect some of the work that modern firefighters undertake on a regular basis. The evaluation day will also involve a mental agility test (example questions below), as well as some basic phobia and strength testing to ensure a base level of fitness. It is important to remember that GFRS foster a healthy development culture where we encourage and support our staff to be the very best that they can be. We recognise that fitness and strength is something that can be developed with the right support - which is why our evaluation days are focussed on selecting people with the right values, attitudes and behaviours.

Mental agility example questions:

1) What is the next number in this series?  1,  3,  6,  10,  15,  21...

2) Nose is to Smell as an Eye is to...  A) Hearing   B) Taste   C) Sight   D) Touch

3) Which word does not belong in this list?  A) Square   B) Triangle   C) Circle   D) Cube

4) James had £5 pocket money. He spent 20% on crisps and ½ on stickers. How much does he have left?

5) Which number is smaller?  A) 1/4   B) 0.2   C) 1.02   D) 1/3

6) What is the 4th letter of the month before September?

We will be running a series of ‘Have a Go Days’ throughout 2018, where you will can experience what a career in the fire service involves – Keep an eye on this website for dates

Requirements for all applicants

  • You must live within 15km of the Gloucestershire border (proof of address will be required in the initial application stage)
  • You must be 18 years old when you commence your training
  • Hold a full valid driving licence

Please take a look at our 'Frequently Asked Questions'.



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