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What does being a Firefighter in Control involve?

Each time someone in Gloucestershire dials 999 and calls for help from the Fire Service, the call is passed to our Control Room. Within the Control Room, based in Quedgeley, Firefighter Control, using both the information available to them and a range of sophisticated technology, are able to evaluate each situation and despatch fire appliances and other resources needed to deal with the incident as appropriate. Incidents dealt with are many and varied. Apart from fires, the Service is also called on to attend road traffic collisions, chemical spillages, floods, animal rescues and many other emergency situations.

Whatever the incident, Firefighter Control need to keep in touch with the firefighters at the scene and other Fire Service personnel who are either in attendance or otherwise involved. If front-line staff demand additional information, or extra resources and specialised equipment are required, then again it will be Firefighter Control who respond. Depending on the incident, there will also be a need to liaise with other agencies and emergency services. A range of administrative tasks and community safety work are undertaken by Fire Control, including monitoring activity levels and updating Service information.

How many staff work within Fire Control?

There are 16 full-time posts within Fire Control. The staff work in 4 teams (or watches) Black, Blue, Red and White, to ensure that cover is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What are the shift hours?

2 day shifts 09.00hrs to 18.00hrs. 2 night shifts 18.00hrs to 09.00hrs, and then 4 days off.

What training will be provided?

Initial training for this specialised role will be intensive and provided in house. On completing this initial training, you will be attached to a Watch, where you will be working under close supervision for the duration of your probationary period. Fire Control staff undergo training throughout their careers.


Community Focused


What is the salary?

Starting on a trainee rate of £22,641 rising to £30,179 when fully competent in the role.

You will need to have clear speech, a good command of the English language - including the ability to spell accurately, and good keyboard skills.


Assessment day

If you have been successful at the application stage, you will be required to attend an assessment day.  Assessment days form part of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service's Recruitment and Selection Strategy and are designed to make sure that we select the right individuals to help drive our organisation forward and deliver the best service possible to the people of Gloucestershire.

Stage 1

The day will involve group discussions and tasks that have been specifically designed in an inclusive way to allow each individual the opportunity to showcase their potential. The assessment day will also involve a mental agility test (example questions below), as well as some basic typing tests. It is important to remember that GFRS foster a healthy development culture where we encourage and support our staff to be the very best that they can be, which is why our assessment days are focussed on selecting people with the right values, attitudes and behaviours.

Mental agility example questions:

1) What is the next number in this series?  1,  3,  6,  10,  15,  21...

2) Nose is to Smell as an Eye is to...  A) Hearing   B) Taste   C) Sight   D) Touch

3) Which word does not belong in this list?  A) Square   B) Triangle   C) Circle   D) Cube

4) James had £5 pocket money. He spent 20% on crisps and ½ on stickers. How much does he have left?

5) Which number is smaller?  A) 1/4   B) 0.2   C) 1.02   D) 1/3

6) What is the 4th letter of the month before September?

Stage 2

If you are successful on the assessment day, there will be interviews following shortly afterwards.  

What are the promotion prospects?

All staff within Fire Control start as a Firefighter Control. There are opportunities for promotion to Crew Manager Control, Watch Manager Control or Station Manager Control for those who pass the necessary qualifying exams and demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge and experience. Further opportunities to progress through the Service.


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