The On Call Firefighter - Kim's Story

Kim's Story (an On Call Firefighter from Coleford)

After years of drumming into my kids 'you can be whatever you want to be', I actually started to believe it myself.

So my journey began... with our kids aged just seven, six, four and a six month old, I decided to follow my dream.

I took every spare hour I had to train as I wanted to be physically and physiologically prepared to reach my goal.

With the support from my family I never looked back; my children are now growing up and doing well. I am where I want to be, doing a job that I love. I can't tell you enough of the pride and passion I have for this service and the role it plays in our communities. I walk away from the smallest of jobs with the greatest of satisfaction.

The Fire Service has so much to offer, my goals are forever changing, there is still so much more I want to achieve.

"Keep your dreams in sight and believe in yourself. Aspire to be who you want to be".

Joining the Service as an on call firefighter offers a wealth of opportunity to work for the Service on a part time basis. It is an exciting and hugely rewarding job where you'll become a crucial member of a highly trained and tight-knit team


Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service's Retained Staff are a group of women and men who, in addition to their normal jobs or careers, are on-call in their free time or respond to emergency calls from their full-time place of employment

Local emergency services form an important part of our community. Firefighters do a whole range of jobs from attending fires to helping at all sorts of incidents. As a member of our retained fire service you might be called to floods, road accidents or chemical spills. When an emergency happens, wouldn't you like to be able to help your friends and neighbours in a very real and practical way?

And you'd get paid for doing it too

To apply to join the service you don't need any paper qualifications. But you will need to:

  • Work or live within five minutes of a fire station
  • Be physically and medically fit
  • Have good eyesight (unfortunately we may not be able to accept applicants with colour vision deficiency)
  • Have good hearing
  • Have a real interest in the fire service and helping the community of Gloucestershire.

You will also need to consider the following:

EU Driving Regulations (for those who drive for a living).

EU working time directive.

Personal Qualities

Your personal qualities are important to us. We are looking for enthusiastic women and men from all walks or life, with the common sense, compassion, tact and demeanour to deal with physically and emotionally demanding situations. You will also need to have the ability to work as part of a team.


You will be paid a retaining fee to be available for duty starting on a trainee rate of £2,116 per annum rising to £2,821 per annum when fully competent in the role (it can take 4 years to reach this stage).

You will also be paid for each incident you attend, and to attend weekly training sessions. Your uniform and protective equipment will be provided free of charge.

Help us improve Glosfire

Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.