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Do you have the skills to turn a young person’s life around?


Gloucestershire County Council is recruiting foster carers to help young people in the county with complex needs.


The carers would work within a new intensive support scheme called IRIS (Intensive Recovery and Intervention Service).

The scheme is aimed at a small number of young people aged over 11 who have complex needs and present multiple times to a range of services across Gloucestershire, including hospital emergency departments, social care services and mental health services.

They need intensive, short-term support to help them through a crisis so that they can return home to their families or settle in long-term foster care.

Anyone interested in applying will need suitable experience, for example in mental health, social care, teaching, nursing, fostering or similar.

Rachel Besien has been a foster carer since 2015.

She said; “I spent 15 years working in pastoral roles with young people in different educational settings. I decided that I wanted to use these skills outside of the normal nine-to-five to help children feel safe and, hopefully, to support families to get back together.

“I considered fostering many times and finally got to a point where I had a good support network around me and the time was right.”

Linda Uren, director of children’s services at Gloucestershire County Council, said, “We are looking for people who are committed to helping young people in the county.

“They’ll need to have relevant work experience and skills, as well as a willingness to make a difference to young people that need support.”

If you would like to find out more, visit or call the fostering service on 01242 532654.

Alternatively you can speak to a member of the team at one of the drop in events listed on the website.