New dedicated team of Covid Response Officers to support local test and trace


A new team is being set up to contact people who test positive for COVID-19 so that quick action can be taken to prevent the virus spreading.


The national Test and Trace team contact the majority of people testing positive in Gloucestershire soon after their test result is available. If they aren’t able to reach them the county council steps in to make further calls to ensure that all people testing positive have been contacted directly, been advised to self-isolate, and have identified anyone else who might be affected as a close contact.

Under the new arrangement, a newly formed team of Covid Response Officers will continue the good work already in place, which also includes: a home visit to people who can’t be contacted by phone, welfare checks to support people to self-isolate, and signposting to local practical and mental health support.

They will also work more closely with district councils to offer tailored support to people in their local area. This might include: arranging food or medicine deliveries or simply finding someone to walk the dog. All of these offers make it easier for people to stay at home and reduce transmission of the virus.

Sarah Scott, Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health, said: “Test, trace and isolate will continue to play a key role in managing the virus and reducing the risk of it mutating and new variants developing. It remains a legal requirement for anyone testing positive for Covd to self-isolate. Contacts of someone testing positive will only be asked to isolate if they have not yet received both doses of the vaccine.

“Thankfully, the number of people getting seriously ill from Covid is less than ever before, but the virus can still make some people very unwell. We also know that each time the virus is passed on from person to person, the more chance it has of mutating into new variants, which like Delta, could be more transmissible.”

People are also being urged to make sure that they get both of their Covid jabs when invited and even if they have been vaccinated to continue with regular rapid testing if they don’t have symptoms so that we can further prevent the virus spreading.

Positive cases who cannot work from home and would experience financial hardship from self-isolating may be eligible for the £500 Test and Trace Support Payment or financial support from your local council. Find out more here.

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