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Please Bear-land with us during extended road closure


Gloucestershire County Council continues its exciting Shire Hall refurbishment work to significantly reduce the council’s energy and carbon footprint.

In January, work will begin on the Shire Hall bridge block including fitting energy efficient windows and cladding as well as energy generating solar panels on the roof.

During these works Bearland Road will be closed for safety purposes while the bridge block is fully scaffolded. The road closure at Bearlands connecting Upper Quay Street with Longsmith Street starts on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 and will remain in place until late 2018.

Access for local residents and businesses will be maintained, with vehicles being diverted via Longsmith Street and Ladybellegate Street. A public footway will be maintained along Bearland Road between Upper Quay Street and Longsmith Street.

Advanced warning signs are already on show. Hoardings and gates will be set up across the road, with road closed and diversion signs in place from 2nd January.

Cllr Mark Hawthorne, leader of Gloucestershire County Council, said: “I’m happy to say that the refurbishment work of Shire Hall is currently on time and on budget.

“The regeneration of Shire Hall will be a major step in the wider regeneration of the Blackfriars area, bringing benefit to the city centre economy and the county as a whole.

“This makes the green credentials of the building even more important and the council will be proud to inhabit one of the county’s most energy efficient buildings.

Shire Hall has been long overdue some essential work to make it a suitable working environment for staff.

The solar panels being installed could potentially provide enough electricity to light the whole of Shire Hall, reducing the county council’s energy bills and carbon footprint significantly.

The entire recladding and refurbishment project is expected to be completed by autumn 2018.

If neighbours have any concerns or queries they should email: