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Pedestrian awareness campaign: keep safe during half term


With many young people currently on half term, Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership is encouraging people to be extra vigilant of pedestrians when driving and for people to think about how they can be clearly visible to drivers.

It comes following statistics that 43% (10 out of 23) of all killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions in the tri-force area in January were pedestrians. The area includes Avon and Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Four of the ten collisions with pedestrians in January happened in Gloucestershire, with one being fatal.

With the cold weather, dark evenings, low, bright sun and young people on half term, there is an increased chance of collisions.

Therefore, all young people are being urged to think sensibly when out playing during the holidays and remember good road safety habits.

One of the most important aspects to remember is that when crossing a road, make sure that you have turned off any music you are listening to, stop texting, focus on the road and always use a safe crossing point.

All pedestrians are also being reminded that visibility is important, and wearing fluorescent clothing in the dark will help drivers see them more clearly.

Drivers are being asked to consider their habits too, making sure they are not distracted by their own surroundings.

Texting, eating or dealing with animals or children whilst driving can lead to distractions. Drivers are being reminded to pull over and carry out any action that may distract them from focusing entirely on the road, and therefore aware of any pedestrians that may be wishing to cross.

With the freezing temperatures, many vehicles are frosted over in the morning and must be de-iced. It is important that drivers make the extra time to do this before attempting to travel.

Martin Surl, police and crime commissioner for Gloucestershire, said: "Any loss of life on our roads is a tragedy for those affected, that's way I made safe and social driving a policing priority. Pedestrians are road users just like motorists and should be treated with the same care and consideration." 

Cllr Will Windsor-Clive, cabinet member for fire, planning and infrastructure said: "When a collision occurs between a pedestrian and a vehicle it is always the pedestrian that comes off worse.

Often, these collisions are easily avoided if drivers keep their eyes open for pedestrians and avoid distractions when driving. 

Pedestrians, of all ages, should do their bit to be safe too, by using safer crossing points and looking and listening for approaching traffic - any road can be crossed safely if due care is taken."

Being aware of potential dangers on the road is a responsibility for all who share it. Residents in Gloucestershire are being asked to commit to being a responsible driver and pedestrian by demonstrating safe and social road use to everyone.

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