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Gloucestershire amongst pace setters for care


Latest figures shows that the county council is helping more people back into their homes and independent living.


For the third month in a row, Gloucestershire has been ranked amongst the best performing counties in the country for number of people facing a delayed transfer of care (DTOC).

Delayed transfers of care are when patients are ready to leave a hospital or similar care provider but aren’t able to be discharged.

In September 2017, the Department of Health set a target for hospitals to follow, based on performance data from February of the same year. By setting targets the government aims to improve patient experience within health and social care, as well as relieving pressures on frontline services.

These targets are monitored on a monthly basis, with tables produced showing how each county performs.

Over the last three months Gloucestershire has been in the top ten of performance, ranking 6th (November), 8th (December) and most recently, 3rd (January) out of all areas that are hitting the target and making improvements.

This improvement is reflected nationally, where the number of people facing delays to transfer of care from hospital have continued to fall. Between October and November 2017 the figure has dropped by 6 per cent, a total of 22 per cent since February.

The figures reflect the efforts of the county council’s adult social care staff and shows how the council’s continued investment to social care can relieve pressures on the health service.

Despite the positive improvements in Gloucestershire, the county council and partners in health are continuing to work closely together to reduce the figure further.

The county council’s cabinet member for adult social care delivery, Cllr Kathy Williams, herself a former nurse, praised the efforts of staff in both health and social care for their efforts, but was quick to recognise there is still work to do.

She said: “I am proud Gloucestershire County Council is doing its bit to support the NHS in our county.  These latest figures are good news, but we are only in January and there are still a couple of months left in the winter where we need to keep this up. For now, being the third best council in England for helping people get home from hospital or get further care is really encouraging and testament to the hard work of staff to do the best for patients.”

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