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High Needs consultation: Have you had your say?


Have you taken part in the High Needs consultation? If you have, you need to read this important information.

For some children coping with school can be difficult, this is especially the case for young people who have ‘additional needs’. At the moment, the education system is not working well for these young people so we’re asking how you think this can be improved.

On Monday 4 June 2018, Gloucestershire County Council launched the ‘High Needs consultation - Additional needs: helping children and young people learn and succeed’. The consultation gives people the opportunity to have their say on the way the council allocates funding through the High Needs budget to improve the support they provide to families.

On the 19th July, the council discovered a technical fault, which affected one specific area, in the online edition, of the “Additional Needs” survey. It affected the questions about the proposals for primary schools. This was resolved the same day. The fault only affected those selecting primary schools in one of their options.

As a consequence, this may have resulted in some people missing the questions on this section and therefore the council have extended the consultation by six weeks, until 14th September. This will provide extra time for everyone to complete the survey and particularly for those people who have been or may feel affected by this technical fault.

Richard Boyles, cabinet member for children and young people said

“This is an important consultation which will inform decisions on how we support children and young people with additional needs. Capturing the views of residents in Gloucestershire, especially those with additional needs, their parents and carers is crucial. 

Due to a technical fault, we have extended the consultation by six weeks to allow those affected by the fault, to complete the survey again. The consultation will now close on 14 September 2018.

We apologise for any inconvenience.”

If you have any queries or concerns, please go to our High Needs programme page   or contact us at

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