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Meet the team going to great lengths to fix, prune and tidy up the county’s roads


Gloucestershire’s new lengthsmen scheme is tackling the small but important jobs in your area.

This year the lengthsmen are spending three weeks in each neighbourhood across Gloucestershire, and are now in Tewkesbury. The mobile, two person team helps the county council keep streets and public land well maintained, in addition to its major road improvements and resurfacing work.

 After being hailed a success last year, the lengthsmen scheme is now being rolled out across the county.

Jobs include checking and clearing any overgrown vegetation on highways and footpaths; ensuring traffic signs are clean and visible, checking views from junctions are clear and that gulleys and channels are free from debris.

Cllr Vernon Smith, cabinet member for highways and flood said: “The Lengthsmen take care of  those smaller jobs that often make a big difference to people’s lives. Feedback was excellent last year, so we’ve decided to extend the scheme across the county, working with local councillors and parish councils to identify repairs that are needed most.”

Cllr Kevin Cromwell, county councillor for Tewkesbury said “One of my first jobs as a county councillor has been to listen to residents’ requests for repairs and improvements in their local area, and I’m delighted to see their feedback being put into action today. The lengthsmen are helping to make a real difference at ground level, improving safety and increasing people’s pride in their street.”