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UPDATE: Some of the restrictions on emailing have been lifted

We are pleased so say that we are now able to receive some external emails. Until we are completely confident that our servers are not at risk, external emails that include a link or an attachment will continue to be quarantined.  

Emails from us are not affected by the block that is in place, so you should still receive contact from us in this way, although it may take slightly longer than normal. We will let you know when these issues are resolved.

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Cleeve Link update - 1


The county council was informed yesterday (02 March) that Cleeve Link, one of the council’s home care providers, is closing.


Cleeve Link has committed to continuing its services today and over the weekend. The council is now arranging for partners to take over care next week and beyond.

This has happened very quickly. We were told by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) yesterday afternoon (02 March). The new owner took over on 16 February and there was no indication until yesterday that this was their intention.

We’ve worked hard to make sure care continues and people should not have any disruption. However, if there are any concerns or problems, there is a 24hr telephone number for queries, 01452 887689.