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GCC recognised for keeping residents and carers safe


Gloucestershire County Council has been recognised for how it has used electronic call monitoring (ECM) to ensure the safety of service users and care staff over the last year.

Electronic call monitoring is a system where carers funded by the county council log in as they arrive at a persons home and log out by phone when they leave.

CM2000, the company who provide the technology, has awarded the county council a special award because they considered the council had the best leadership in terms of electronic call monitoring with lead members who were engaged, supportive and forward looking.

The benefits of ECM include;

  • The Council can make sure quality care is being provided through indicators like; consistency of the carer attending, punctuality , agreed hours versus delivered hours.
  • The council only pays for services it knows it has received
  • The system is real time so the council knows if there are missed visits to people who may need medication.
  • safety issues can be logged for carers working alone.
  • The system generates and pays the invoice electronically meaning it is also more efficient for the provider and the council

Last year, the system saved the council almost £1m, as well as making sure service users got the care they needed.

Les is gentleman with a learning disability living in a supported living home in Cheltenham. Les has frequent epileptic seizures for which he takes medication and he receives regular two hour visits from a carer who helps him with his day to day routines, his budgeting and paperwork and most of all prompts him to remember his medication.

A few weeks ago, the electronic call monitoring officer was alerted by the system that Les’ carer had not shown up and given the need for medication prompting a visit was not just important but essential to ensure that Les would be safe and well.  The ECM officer contacted the social worker and agreed that a visit was necessary and it was immediately set up to ensure the visit was covered.

Cllr Kathy Williams, cabinet member for long term care, said: “Our top priority has always been to make sure vulnerable people across the county receive the care they need. The technology we have used has helped us ensure that care is being met.”

Cllr Dorcas Binns, cabinet member for older people, said: “Our future plans include ensuring families will have access to key information about their loved one through electronic call monitoring. Families will be able to have the certainty of knowing that their loved one has received their visit from a carer whether the family member is at work or on the other side of the world.”

Peter Longman, CEO of CM2000, said: “Gloucestershire has led the country in its development of electronic call monitoring for people with disabilities and for older people. The leadership to make this happen and to achieve results has been remarkable.”

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