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Kill your speed on rural roads


As part of the Road Safety Partnership's 'Route Aware Campaign' along the A429, drivers are being reminded of the dangers of driving at inappropriate and excessive speeds on rural roads.

Rural Gloucestershire is criss-crossed by country roads and some of them even date back to Roman times. Half of the road traffic casualties in the County relate to collisions on rural roads but the severity of collision on these roads is much higher than those in urban areas

The aim of this part of the campaign is to communicate to motorists that the problem isn't just speeding, but driving too fast for the conditions.

Driving inappropriately for the conditions can include:

  • Approaching a bend or junction too fast and without caution.
  • Not negotiating narrow roads properly.
  • Overtaking on an approach to a bend or where forward visibility is restricted.

Cllr Nigel Moor local member with Gloucestershire County Council said: "You're three times more likely to die in a car crash on a rural road, which is precisely why we are taking these steps to remind all road users of the importance of using all roads with care, but especially the rural roads in the Cotswolds."

Every driver and rider has the responsibility to use our roads with care and to remember that 'they' control the speed of their vehicle, and no one else.

Chief Inspector Paul Shorrock from Gloucestershire Police said: "Speeding really is public enemy number one. 

"I have attended far too many road collisions where the speed of the vehicles prior to the impact was the main reason for the injuries to the occupants and, in some cases, for the collision happening in the first place.

"Every vehicle has traffic calming built in to it, it's the driver's right foot or in the case of motorcycle riders it's the right hand."

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