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We are pleased so say that we are now able to receive some external emails. Until we are completely confident that our servers are not at risk, external emails that include a link or an attachment will continue to be quarantined.  

Emails from us are not affected by the block that is in place, so you should still receive contact from us in this way, although it may take slightly longer than normal. We will let you know when these issues are resolved.

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Claim your cut-price compost bin this Compost Awareness Week


It’s International Compost Awareness Week, and to mark the occasion, Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team is encouraging more residents to get composting with a fantastic offer on discounted compost bins.

Making and using compost is the cornerstone of gardening, and can be easily  made by mixing garden and kitchen waste as well as paper products.

The finished product is rich, dark, crumbly and sweet-smelling and can be used to feed and condition the soil and for making potting mixes.

Kate Cole, Waste Minimisation Officer for the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team said: “More than 40% of waste produced by an average household can be composted, and while lots of households already compost, we want to encourage many more residents to take part.  Composting food and garden waste at home provides a peat-free boost for gardens.”

Residents in Gloucestershire can purchase a discounted compost bin from as little as £8.49*, and can also take advantage of a “buy one get another one half price” offer that allows residents to purchase a second bin from just £4.23.

For more information about how to start composting and the wide range of compost bins and accessories available please visit