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Stay safe this Halloween


The spookiest night of the year is fast approaching, but with Covid-19 cases currently high across our county, it’s important you keep yourself and others safe by following some simple steps.


Many people will be celebrating Halloween this weekend, whether it’s a party with friends, decorating the house, or trick or treating with the family.

As ever, it’s important that we keep taking steps to protect ourselves and others from catching and spreading Covid-19.

  • Good hand hygiene is important at any time, but it’s particularly crucial this Halloween when we are likely to be sharing sweet treats and other goodies. Make sure you wash or sanitise your hands regularly, don't leave out self-serve bowls and don't hand out treats if you have any symptoms or are self-isolating.
  • If you are meeting up with friends and family then outside is safer. If you meet indoors open windows and let fresh air in.
  • Test yourself using a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test kit before you meet up with friends and family. Rapid Covid tests help to detect the virus in people who might have no symptoms so that quick action can be taken before the virus can be passed on. You can collect rapid COVID-19 test kits from your local pharmacy. Please remember to download a collection code. and take it along with you.
  • Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces like if you are travelling on public transport.
  • Stay at home if you are unwell - don’t risk it!
  • Download the NHS COVID-19 app if you are heading to a Halloween party to celebrate.

Siobhan Farmer, Deputy Director of Public Health, said: “We understand that Halloween is an event enjoyed by many, and a time when we can all get together with friends and family. We are keen that people can still enjoy Halloween, whilst remembering that Covid-19 has not gone away.”

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service have also shared some tips on how to enjoy a safe Halloween this year:

  • Battery operated lights are much safer than candles to use in homemade lanterns and pumpkins
  • Be aware of the risk to clothing, costumes and curtains when celebration candles are in use. Do not move a candle when it is lit.
  • In the garden, keep children and pets away from garden candles and lanterns.
  • Remember to ensure all candles are not left unattended in any room and are out before leaving the house or extinguished before bedtime.
  • It is fun to decorate the house; children love to join in but remember to keep all your exits clear.
  • In any emergency, cool any burns with water and seek medical help.
  • In the event of any fire please call 999.

More information about enjoying a safe Halloween can be found here.

Further safety advice about fireworks and bonfires is available on the GFRS website, and the Gloucestershire Trading Standards website

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