We are the (Mental Health) Champions!


GHES are extremely proud to announce that we have successfully achieved Mental Health Champion status from Gloucestershire Health Living and Learning (GHLL).


This award recognises the excellent provision we have in place to support the mental health and wellbeing of our students and colleagues within GHES. It also acknowledges the commitment and hard work of all staff in achieving our vision that children can thrive despite their health conditions.

Promoting and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our whole school community is paramount. It is bedrock of all that we do. GHES students, all of whom have either mental or physical health conditions preventing them from attending school, are particularly vulnerable to poor mental health resulting from their illness but also its wider impact, which can result in isolation from peers and in students no longer being able to participate in activities they once enjoyed. We also understand that emotional wellbeing is central to every child and adult’s development and goes hand in hand with performance.

 The GHLL assessors, who spent a morning talking to students, staff and parents, were incredibly impressed by the quality of provision across our service. Recent initiatives include the introduction of Mind of My Own (MOMO), an App that allows our young people to communicate, as often as they like, how they are feeling and what support they want.  This ensures that the voice of every child is heard and they are involved in all decisions made about them. Our use of mentoring services has transformed outcomes for some of our most unwell students, by developing a trusting relationship;  helping the young person venture out into the community; building resilience; increasing their feelings of self-worth; and practising coping strategies.

We are especially grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the GHLL lead teachers, who wholeheartedly praised the effectiveness of our service in prioritising and improving the wellbeing of our students and staff. And we are enormously proud of each and every one of our students who work so hard, every day, to overcome their own personal mental health challenges.

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