Our curriculum

Our Curriculum

GHES works in partnership with schools to provide continuity of education for young people, across all key stages, while they are unable to attend school due to specific, individual, medical needs. We aim to provide a seamless education between hospital, home and school. In this way we aim to minimise the disruption to their education caused by their medical condition(s) and to reintegrate them into their registered school, or other appropriate educational placement, as soon as their medical condition allows.

GHES Curriculum Statement

GHES Curriculum statement is underpinned by the principles outlined in the DfE statutory guidance for Local Authorities, January 2013: ‘Ensuring a good education for children who cannot attend school because of health needs’.

Our Intent:

To provide a personalised curriculum with a child centred approach. Medical professionals guide our provision every step of the way to ensure we develop the learning at a pace that is appropriate to the health of the child.

To provide a learning environment that is based on a 3 stage recovery approach – Stage 1: reflecting & reimagining, Stage 2: rebalancing & reconnecting, then Stage 3: recovering. We cannot change a student’s past experience or their current medical condition but we can influence their future in restoring their self confidence and self-esteem, and give them the tools to achieve and thrive.

To provide a curriculum that enables students to:

  • Transition (where health needs permit) back to the main school as soon as they are able
  • Continue their learning, building on their prior knowledge and experience, whilst receiving treatment
  • Make informed choices around their future destinations Post-16
  • Be prepared to take external exams
  • Gain qualifications that enable them to move onto their next destination successfully
  • Build the skills that will enable them to succeed – skills such as confidence, resilience, determination
  • Build up their organisational and independent skills
  • Grow as life-long readers, recognising the importance of reading and the increase in life-chances
  • Make healthy and safe choices, preparing for life and work
  • Experience opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Thrive and achieve their full potential in spite of their health and medical needs and any special educational needs or disabilities

We do all of the above because we believe that:

  • Equality and inclusion is the right of every child
  • Every child is unique, and in spite of their health condition they should be able to thrive.
  • All can have the ambition of returning to their mainstream school or other destination
  • Physical and emotional wellbeing is central to every child’s development and goes hand in hand with pupil performance
  • By taking the time to raise self-esteem and levels of engagement with learning, academic and personal development is facilitated
  • High quality education improves life chances

How we do this:

This is how we ensure our intentions are realised:

  • Strong partnership between GHES, medical professionals and the main school the child is registered at
  • Clear handover information, baselining of students and continued assessment for learning in all subjects
  • Bespoke timetables for all students following our initial visit and link tutor meeting, that ensures students can access education at a pace appropriate to their individual needs and health condition
  • Bespoke personal development timetables that may at times be the sole source of the curriculum offer for students who are too unwell, or not yet able to access the academic curriculum. Here the focus may be on social skills and interaction, motivation and concentration, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Our core teaching team are able to teach English Language and Literature, Maths, all Sciences, Art, History, Geography, Functional Skills, Literacy, Numeracy, PSHE/Wellbeing and Careers education. We are also able to offer other subjects if required.
  • Variety of teaching used to ensure engagement is high – online, face to face, individual and group lessons
  • Strong pastoral support provided by link tutors, PSHE/Wellbeing team, careers curriculum to ensure students can engage and thrive
  • Individual or small group PSHE/Wellbeing curriculum that offer opportunities for all children to explore their values / beliefs and to understand their personal rights and responsibilities.
  • Clear careers programme in place that develop aspirations and hope for the future, enabling children to make informed choices about the next steps in their education / future
  • Alongside core subject we work with many other agencies to provide enrichment. Our Beyond Words project, The Music Works and other extra external opportunities provide wider learning experiences and facilitates peer interaction
  • Support through PMHW and Mindfulness equips students with coping strategies and encourages self-reflection and resilience
  • Reduce feelings of isolation by maintaining and strengthening links with main schools through the use the AV1 robot technology, which allows students to access lessons/social times remotely
  • Provide an offer of Early Help to ensure targeted support is given to children and their families at the earliest opportunity

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