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Schools Re-Opening Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Carers (FAQs)

Following the latest Government announcement

When will formal childcare and Holiday Clubs re-open?

The Government has announced that wrap-around care including holiday clubs for school age children and formal childcare will restart over the summer school holiday break.

When will schools be returning to normal opening for all children?

Primary and secondary education will re-start in September with full attendance; and those children who can already go to school should do so – because it is safe.


We are preparing a new list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for returning to school and early years provision in September. These will be available on the website from Monday 24 August.

Home Education

Where can I find advice on supporting my child’s home learning of secondary school children (year 7 to 11)?

Please find the latest government advice for parents/carers at Help secondary school children continue their education during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Where can I find advice on supporting primary aged school children at home?

Please find the latest government advice for parents/carers at Help primary school children continue their education during coronavirus (COVID-19)

How much am I expected to educate my child at home?

Several parents have asked for advice on how to manage home learning.

Many schools have provided educational activities that your child/children might do. However, it is also important that you and your family balance home learning with other activities that will keep your children happy and occupied in a healthy and balanced way. You are the best judge of what they need whilst they are in your care at home. It is important to provide enjoyable and relaxing things to do – reading and researching, creative activities, physical exercise, simply chatting and watching films. It is helpful to create a routine for children so that their minds are kept active with interesting tasks and challenges, however, you do not need to try to replicate a school timetable. Focus on what you can do as a closely confined family and how to get on.

If you feel that your child is under pressure to complete a lot of online learning tasks, please contact the school for advice on how to manage this. It isn’t clear how long the isolation requirement will be in place, and so schools will be doing all they can to help keep your child actively engaged during this time, in readiness for their return to school. Schools want to ensure that they are supporting you as a family and offering your children every opportunity to stay connected to their learning, whatever age they are.

Are there any additional on-line resources for adults and children with additional needs and learning difficulties?

Photosymbols have launched new easy read website on Coronavirus for people with learning disabilities.

There is a Facebook page for people to keep connected with others;

There is an easy read version of the Prime Ministers letter

Cards for Zoom meetings

Where can I find Education Resources On-line?

In addition to online resources schools already have in place and the information provided by the LA on home learning examples and resources: https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/schoolsnet/school-provision-during-covid-19-crisis/home-learning/ the DfE have now brought together an initial list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home; all currently being offered for free.

It is not intended that these individual resources replace a school’s properly planned curriculum, but schools may also wish to explore these as they consider how they continue to support children’s education. Resources are available online: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-online-education-resources.

How can I look after my child’s mental health and well-being?

The government has just issued new guidance for parents and carers on looking after the mental health and well-being of children and young people, during the COVID-19 outbreak. This advice can be found at COVID-19: guidance on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

Will my child continue to access CAMHS?

Over the coming weeks they are continuing to offer services but will need to focus on urgent or priority care. CAMHS are managing the care for children who are in the middle of treatment on an individual basis, based on clinical need. CAMHS will continue to work with children, young people and families by telephone, video consultation and face to face if needed. In addition, the services will be offering advice lines, available Monday to Friday.

Someone in the family is suspected of having COVID-19. What do I do?

Anyone can now register for a test through https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19 or call 119 if you do not have access to the internet. You can either request a home testing kit or arrange to visit a Testing Centre. You will be able to choose a Testing Centre from a selection of those closest to you. For children under 5 the parent or guardian will be required to perform the test.

Babies and children – call 111 if you’re worried about a baby or child under 5. If the child seems very unwell, is getting worse or you think there is something seriously wrong, call 999. Do not delay getting help if you’re worried. Trust your instincts.

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