I want to contact someone about a concern

If you are feeling frightened because something is happening to you, or to someone you know, it is important that you tell somebody.

Abuse may be physical or sexual, it may involve people taking money without permission, or not looking after someone properly.  it may include bullying or humiliation, or not allowing contact with friends and family.  Abuse can be the result of a single act or may continue over months or years.  It can be accidental or a deliberate act - the impact on the person is the same.

  • If you are at risk or suspect someone is at risk and want to talk to someone please phone our Adults Help Desk on (01452) 426868
  • If you think someone is breaking the law phone the police on 101 or
  • In an emergency always dial 999

Who else can you talk to?

It can be difficult to talk to someone about what is happening to you.

  • The person abusing you is someone you love and trust. People are often abused by the person who is closest to them.
  • You depend on the person abusing you for care or financial support.
  • You may feel you deserve what is happening to you.
  • You feel frightened of what may happen if you tell someone. You may have been told that if anybody finds out you will have to go into a home or put away or that one one will believe you.
  • You may feel it is a weakness on your part to involve services such as the police or Adult Social Care services.
  • You may not know who to talk to about the situation.

These are powerful reasons but they should not stop you telling someone.  The abuse can stop if you ask for help. 

These are some of the people who you can talk to and may be able to help.

  • Your family and friends
  • Your social worker or care manager
  • Home carers
  • Community or district nurses
  • Your GP or doctor
  • Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission
  • Day care workers
  • Hospital staff


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Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.